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Hi there from another newbie!

This question concerns the CakeLove recipes in the December 2006 issue. I have made the Pumpkin Pound Cake four times and the chocolate one once. The first time I made it, it stuck to the pan, so I ended up making little parfaits in clear plastic cups, layering the pieces with the phenomenal frosting. One time I forgot to put the pumpkin in, which was a disaster (it was the third thing I caught on fire that Christmas morning!). Once it even came out perfect. However, the other two time the cake fell and was the consistency of playdough. I had to throw them out and whip something up out of a box (ugh). It bothers me because I have no idea what I did wrong . Between the time it takes, plus the cost of ingredients, the failures make me leery of trying the recipe again. Any helpful hints?

Thanks so much!
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Hello Watergirl,

Welcome to the forum. I wish I could help you with the baking thing, I am baking-impaired. But I can welcome you and say hello! I do remember that issue... Buttercream frostings. Yummmmm. But I am sure you will find our answers here. Lots of great cooks and bakers!

Good luck to you and hope to see you back!
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(it was the third thing I caught on fire that Christmas morning!)

Is this why your name is WaterGirl?

I just wanted to welcome you also. I'm here for help and inspiration, not teaching.

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"Is this why your name is WaterGirl?" - I thought the same thing!!!

Welcome watergirl! I stay as far away from pastries as I possibly can, so afraid I can't help you - but, someone will be here soon to help!
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Hi WaterGirl and welcome! Sorry, I can't help but I did want to welcome you. You came to the right place. Someone will be able to help you, I'm sure. I hope so anyway, I've had my eye on the chocolate cake for a long time now.


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Is this why your name is WaterGirl?

I didn't think about that! No, I was the only girl on a hockey team called the Waterboys, so I have gone by Watergirl for awhile now.

For those of you who haven't tried the CakeLove recipes, they taste heavenly when they work out. The frosting is to die for. I just don't know where the failure was with the ones that didn't work out. Despite last Christmas morning's disasters, I usually am a pretty good cook. By that, I mean I am willing to try new things, and can follow a recipe and usually make it work. That's why this is so frustrating for me!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope to be back on the board a lot, with more success next time instead of asking where I screwed up!
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Gotta love hockey...

You only screw up if you don't take the time to learn from it. I love the look of the chocolate cake on the C@H homepage...going to try that next weekend.

Welcome to the boards from a former "Zonie" that used to make the trek to San Diego from Phoenix in the summers...would love to be in SoCal today. Yucky weather here today...
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Welcome Watergirl-----please visit us again.....I love to bake but I did not make that recipe---will have a look again though. Nice to see a new member posting!!!
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Welcome Watergirl! I haven't made the cake either, but I am willing to give it a try. I "usually" do pretty good with cakes. The only recipe I could find that resembled the one you mentioned was the Pumpkin-Clove Pound cake and the choice of frostings was Eggnog Buttercream or Italian Meringue Buttercream. Is this the cake you are speaking of? Which frosting did you use?

After baking 6 chocolate cakes, each more complicated than the last, my family finally admitted they didn't like chocolate cake so I won't be trying that one
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What are they, Un-American????
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