Ohio update #4
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Well here we sit in a hotel in Chicago. Didn't plan on this. They held our plane on the ground for about 90 minutes - said we couldn't take off. They gave us a glass of water . . . if we wanted it.

By the time we took off we had just minutes to get to Chicago and catch our connection to Sacramento. And. . . . there were no more flights to Sac that night. So far we got 1/2 off a night in a motel - all the food courts were closed at the airport and the hotel restaurant was closed. Freakin' good thing we had lunch.

Bob's starting to get over his cold - I think I have strep throat. No clean clothes, no makeup, no clean undies. I am getting to be one cranky .

Well time to log off and go get the shuttle to the freakin' airport - I hate Chicago. And . . . free tickets to Oprah wouldn't change it. Crappy food at the airport on our stopover here heading east. Oh well. A hot shower, my comfy sweats, a hug from my daughter, and lots and lots of pug licks will help. Bye for now.
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What the heck is going on with everyone's trip endings for heaven's sake?????? Now I'm dubious about taking a trip.

YOu'll be home soon, Sharon, Hang on!!
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I am tempted to become a hermit after all of the things going on with all of you. I agree, home will be awaiting for you and all will seem better and you'll share all the laughs and hugs and smiles and years from now it will be the smiles and hugs and pug licks you remember the most...
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I bet you are exhausted. I hope you are home, warm, cleaned up, cozy and covered with Pug spit when you read these.

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Isn't it a shame that traveling by air just isn't fun anymore? It seems as if there are always delays and problems. They make it so expensive to take direct flights, and when you have connections, one delay just messes everything up. Then, when you finally do get going, the plane is a germ factory.

Sorry to hear you hate Chicago. It really is a great city and a lot of fun, but the airport is just bizzare and no place to be when you aren't feeling well and have a delay.
I was wondering if you got out last night. We really got hit with a lot of snow yesterday.

Hope you are home, safe and warm when you read this.


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Hope you made it home safely, sharon! What a crappy way to end a good time!

" I think I have strep throat. No clean clothes, no makeup, no clean undies. "

Sounds like one of my first trips to Virginia. The first I saw of my luggage was about a week AFTER I got home.
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Oh Sharon! What an end to a great success! I agree with others....I hope you are covered in kisses and pug spit by now! At least I'm not the only one with travel drama! I hope yours ends as well as mine! I don't know about you, but I probably won't travel again for a while!
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Pug Lick!!! Not "spit" - "lick", whole different thing.

Maryann I'd have called you - but I have almost no voice and haven't for a couple days.

We got home around 4pm our time today. I'm so freakin' tired - Bob and I are both sick and cranky! Had to call TSA - someone stole cheese from our luggage while our luggage was in Cleveland! Gotta fill out paperwork - it's not the cheese it's the principal of the matter.

We've been thoroughly annointed by the Pugs, caught up with Jennifer and her whole awful story (no details now!), and we're going to have frozen enchiladas & quesadillas (not homemade ) climb in the hot tub take all our cold meds and go to bed. Venturing a guess - well before 9!!!!
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Glad you're home safe and sound, Sharon. I kind of figured that with such a short amount of time here that it might be difficult to get together. Guess I'll just have to invite myself out your way one of these days. At least it's warmer there!

Well, the weather report says we're going to get hit with another snow storm before morning and the city is low on salt. Lovely living in the midwest!

Hope you feel better soon. Did you take some pics while you were here?

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Glad you're home safely Sharon! Enjoy that glass(es) and tub of bubbles! You earned it! Rest well, and check in tomorrow!
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