To Market, To Market, Jiggity Jig!
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Well, I'm back from my afternoon in "town". What a day! I had one major disappointment...either the Greek market closed, or it's a market adjacent to the Greek Orthodox Church (which hosts the Greek Festival in the Spring) that is only open part time. Oh well, all was not lost. I did find the Asian market. I am sooo excited about this.

I will be visiting often. They did not have a fresh seafood section, but I can get that elsewhere....hey, I live on the coast! They did have a tremendous variety of unusual frozen stuff, though. But the best part was the produce section! They had bok choy, napa cabbage ($0.99/lb. versus $1.99 everywhere else), purple basil, a cilantro type herb (forgot the name...something like colantro), champagne mangos ($0.99 EACH!), Japanese eggplant ($0.99/lb.), and lots of other stuff! I got the guy who runs the place to walk me through the produce section and explain all that was there. When I saw the Napa cabbage and asked the price, I looked at him and said, "You do realize this is more than half the price at regular grocers, don't you?" His reply was, "I keep telling people we are cheaper than WalMart!" The 10 lb. bag of Basamati rice I bought was 13 bucks! Geez! I told the guy he had a new regular!

After I left there, I headed to Fresh Market. I picked up some awesome fresh radish...they are so sweet there. They also had a tasting of fresh Florida strawberries. They were offering a strawberry sundae, but I asked for just the strawberries. WOW! They were so tender and juicy! The icing on the cake was that they were marinated in a honey pecan jelly! It tastes like pecan pie! YUMMMMY!!! I got both. They also had Sockeye salmon on sale at $9.99/lb. I'm planning to try Jean's experiment with the grapefruit buerre blanc (sp?) tomorrow night. I also picked up some lady fingers and marscapone cheese to make tiramisu tomorrow (never did find espresso powder...HELP?) and got DH some gorgonzola (his new fave) and sushi. He's a happy man! I got lots of other stuff, including two bags of polenta and some semolina flour at another grocer. Then I went to BB&B for some ramikins and food saver bags.

Anyway, I had a great day! After all that, we're feasting on hotdogs for dinner, but that's OK, tomorrow will be a culinary delight...if I don't screw something up...LOL!
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Hot dogs sound like the perfect finish to a great day, Daphne!! How fun was that trip!!!! Take good notes of what you do with all your goodies.

You're making me wish for a quick trip to Tacoma and the Asian market there - haven't been for a while. We have to make a quick trip to Oregon next Thursday, so maybe on our way home......
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It sounds like you had a great time shopping, Daphne. Isn't it just amazing that those asian markets keep their prices so low? It's worth making the trip once in a while and just so much fun.

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Sounds like you made a great haul Daphne! I love salmon, but it's hard to find really great seafood here without spending an arm and leg. Most of the time we get farm-raised salmon and that just doesn't set well with me. Gives me heartburn for some reason. Have to go with the real stuff.

Let me now how Jean's recipe goes. THat's on my ToDo list. I bet it's wonderful.

Glad you had so much fun on your shopping journey. Sounds like you got some great itsms to play with.
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Daphne sounds like a great day!

I so wish I had access to a local market like that. The closest one for me is over an hour away in the heart of Los Angeles.

The produce in the grocery stores right now is sooo expensive. I would have done like you and bought a lot of wonderful goodies. Oh your kitchen is going to be spoiled with all those fixings Let us know what you make.
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It was a great time! The fish was awesome! After all Jean's efforts, I had to go with Bill's excellent dish for sure, but I wanted to try the mixed. I stood there yesterday staring at the beautiful, CHEAP, ginger, but didn't get it, because I "knew" I had some. ARRRRRGGG! I cleaned out the fridge (not a bad thing) and still NO GINGER! Oh well, next time!
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Aren't markets great? Too bad you're not closer, I got a huge nob of ginger yesterday for 29 cents!!!
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