What's Up BJ?
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Well, nothing really. I just haven't felt well for a while now. All last week I had fairly mild pancreatitis attacks, some with contrasting liver pains some not. When I called the doctor about it he increased my pain meds, so I walk around loony most of the time. Then Paul came home ill Friday night and I had to take him to the ER about 10:30 last night. Got home about 2:00 AM, he was having asthma attacks with contributing sore throat and fever. So far today I have only had to take one pain pill, so I must be improving. BIL is feeling much better.

I don't really know what's going on with me and right now I don't care. My sister Carol [if she's not here with me], calls about every hour or so. Maybe I'm just depressed from all the illness, who knows?

Laura called the last two nights and both times I managed to screw up and push the wrong button on the phone. Sorry dear.

So, don't mind me, I'm still sucking air as my friend says, and more than likely will for lots more years to come.

Love to you all. I'll try to keep you up to date.
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Oh Sweetie face!!! Sounds like you need some California Sunshine after the Docs get you fixed up a little better. We could sure use a dose of "Oregon Sunshine" (aka: bjcotton)!!!

If I had enough voice to talk for long I'd call ya, but hearing me croak isn't great - the 'whiskey voice' has deteriorated to something . . . oh heck, even Bob can't understand me.

Seriously - all the crap going on around you could be influencing your health!
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I'm just whining. The pain meds aren't known for improving your mood. I did find out when I'll get the new stove though...he said, "First we need to get the gutters replaced, the inside of the house painted, carpet for the livingroom, and I'd like to have a whole new kitchen!" I guess that means I'm not getting a new stove this century anyway
Don't wait too long to tell someone you love them.

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I just want to feel well again. Sometimes I feel great, then all of a sudden I feel terrible again.

Bummer for us all.
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Maybe you could convince him to buy the stove first so you could be making all kinds of wonderful meals while he's doing all this remodeling?

Hope you feel better soon. You too Laura. Sounds like the chicken soup we're going to be making is just what you both need!

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Oh Billy and Laura I'm so sorry you guys are both still not feeling well

Chicken soup, Matzo Ball soup...

Billy if you have several doctors and each is prescribing meds, I'm sure the pharmacists would see anything unsual that might be causing conflicts in your system, but might not hurt to make sure.

About the stove...bah paint...that can be done later You need the stove now. I'm with Mare...get that first with the deal that they get good grub while painting.

Laura, gosh I wish I had just any idea of what would help. It's so hard when you don't feel good.

Both of you take extra care of yourselves!
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Billy! [censored] all you want. I do. Regards, Bill
Edited--I didn't know they were there--Big brother is watching!!!!??!! Waterboarding may be next. I have been edited!!!! OMG
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You poor dears! Billy, I hope you get straightened out soon. This has gone on a long time. I agree with Sharon. I think you need some California Sunshine. Hopefully the doctors will release you soon! I also agree that the stove should come first. Everybody needs to eat. And preparing it on a good stove is very important for the best meal. There!

Laura, I can't believe you are still not feeling better. Take care and get a lot of rest.
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Wow, you guys!! No hugs today! We'll all be sick.

Nice going, Pottymouth...you got censored.

Hope everyone gets back to good health soon.
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Dang Billy no wonder we all love ya so much...you tell us how you're really feeling and thinking. As for the new stove, don't worry the century is still young and as long as you keep "sucking air" you've got a shot...

As for Pottymouth Bill, I am so glad "Big Brother" was watching as my "young corruptible" eyes can't be seeing words like that or I'll be in therapy forever...

Think we can get a group discount if we all go see the same doctor?
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