Market Salads
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Has anyone made the market salads that are in Issue 33? There's Chicken Nicoise Salad, Thai Beef Salad and Paella Salad. It's my kitchen challenged friend's turn to host our Bunco group next week and I volunteered to make the dinner. Thought these looked like they could be fun.
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Shoot, I don't have issues between #30 & 39... these sound interesting.
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I don't have those issues either, but those salads all sound interesting. Let us know how it turns out if you decide to make one of them.

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I don't have that issue either, but the first two are right up my alley!!!
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I'm curious about the Paella Salad. Is it a cold rice salad with seafood? If so, I need that recipe. All sound really good!
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I was just looking at those salads the other day and dreaming about my garden.... springtime.... warm weather... grilling on the deck....We're supposed to get 4" to 6" of snow tonight after being near 70's yesterday!

Oh, you wanted to have recommendations on the salad recipes... Haven't tried them, but they do look good.

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