Yet another ? about 18 hour bread.
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Ok so I have just started 2 batches. After I mixed them I noticed 2 items.

1 - Mix in a glass or plastic bowl. Why? I have some great mixing bowls but many are metal. Is metal a no no with this bread?

2 - There is no sugar in this recipe. What is the yeast going to eat? In baking class our instructor said "do not forget ALWAYS feed the yeast no matter what the recipe tells you!" So we always took our yeast and added it to a bit of warm water with about 1/2 tsp of sugar. But this recipe didn't call for any.

I'm guess I'm asking in that maybe I copied the recipe wrong

Ok baking. I have a souffle white ceramic dish. Is this too narrow? But it doesn't have lid. I also have a 4 quart oval corning ware type dish that does have a lid, but the lid is not domed. I planned on using that dish lined with parchment paper, but wasn't sure if I should do the second loaf on the pizza stone and if so how to cover it for the first 30 minutes.

Oh good lord I feel as if I'm making this sooo complicated
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Denise, I'm not sure what the deal is with using a metal mixing bowl, but it was recommended to use glass or plastic. Might have something to do with chemical interaction? As for the sugar, I don't normally use it unless I'm using some whole wheat in the mix and that's only because I saw it somewhere else.

About the baking pans. The original recipe calls for cast iron, which I know you don't have and that's no big deal. I think that a cast iron dutch oven with a lid gives the best crust, but have had very good results not using cast iron. When using a 2 1/2 qt. oval Corningware, I don't use a lid. Same for using the pizza stone. The only time I use a lid is when I'm using the cast iron pan. As you experiment on your own, you will see the difference in the crust and can decide which way you like it best.

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Thank you Mare My bread is looking all bubbly at 12 hours. Kind of neat to watch this stuff get bigger and bubbly.

I had entertained the thought of putting one on my french loaf pan and pulling it slightly to elongate it a bit. But I don't think I'll preheat that pan. It's very thin and will heat up fast.

In a few hours I start the next phase and then start on my chili and molten lava cakes It's gonna be a good day!
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My mom makes this bread all the time. She ended up purchasing a wonderful heavy aluminum dutch oven from the Good Will for around $5. It was great buy!

I purchased my first Dutch oven when this recipe came out. They are really nice to have. If you ever did find one, buy it, you won't regret that purchase.
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We have those stores around here too, Laura, and you sure can pick up some great things that way. My dad picked up a brand new, still in the box printer one day for $15 that is identical to my HP photosmart! He has seen brand new coffeemakers for $5 to $10 along with all kinds of pots and pans. It's a great place to shop for a dutch oven. I have one of those heavy duty aluminum pots from my mom and it works great.

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Well I have a big stainless steel dutch oven, but I thought it had to be cast iron or the Le Creuset casserole type. Either way today will be interesting I did 2 batches to play with today, and next weekend will do another two and try 2 more additional ways.

Oh I can see this is going to be addicting.
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I am not sure about stainless steel . My mom's was a very thick aluminum pot. She also has tried, with success, crockery and Pyrex . Although I will have to warn you about Pyrex, it's been getting some bad press lately and people are claiming it is exploding in the kitchen.

If you have old Pyrex it'll be okay because it is manufactured using thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass .

Now that Corning and Pyrex merged in 1998, they changed their formula people are having safety problems.


Recent reports suggest that due to the change in World Kitchen,Inc.'s manufacturing,[1] notwithstanding the claims made for Pyrex, the glassware can shatter violently and unexpectedly, even when used in accordance with manufacturers' instructions.[6] Claims have been made of severe personal injury during these events. The tendency to break into large pieces, rather than shatter like tempered glass, can produce large cutting edges capable of causing serious injury. Some reports have suggested that older Pyrex was not as susceptible to these problems as currently produced Pyrex. It is unknown whether this has anything to do with the recent change in ownership and location of manufacture of the Pyrex brand.

I know, TMI, right?
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Just one more little hint Denise, I don't think anyone's had sucess with large pans. So far as I remember the smaller pans work better for a nice high loaf.
As for metal bowls, I once had a teacher who said they don't hold temp. consistently, I guess that might matter over 18hrs.
And I'm kinda surprised it worked well without the lid Maryann, I thought the lid was supposed to help it "steam".
Now you've all given me some new ideas to play with. I love this bread, it's addicting alright
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Well I guess we'll find out. Both my souffle and casserole dish are the new pyrex. I'm thinking of doing on in the souffle and hope it pops up over a top a bit. The other one on the french loaf pan and see if I can't get an elongated one. But neither will have a lid. So I plan on putting my two pizza stones on the bottom shelf and when I put the bread in taking a squirt bottle and douse the pizza stones to create some steam. We did this on the deck ovens in school when we were doing our rustic breads so hoping it'll work here too.
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Hopefully my cast iron Dutch oven won't make the racks fall out of my new stove [when I get it that is ] Then I can make this bread again.
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