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I founded this unofficial facebook group months ago... but very few have joined and no one is really posting anything.

If you're on FB, check it out.

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uhhhh, and what does your 'facebook' do, Jeff?? and what's "FB" - questions from a real non-computer person...
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Well, since I'm not on FaceBook, I can only guess, from the message subject, that it is a group relating to cooking - perhaps even to C@H.

FaceBook is a "social networking" site. People sign up as individuals, but may then join various groups depending upon the interests they share with others.

"FB" is just an abbreviation for "FaceBook."
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I know many of you are active in several on-line groups. I just hang around this one.
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Ditto everything labradors said. It's a group I set up for C@H fans on the FaceBook social networking site.
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I have a Facebook. Unfortunately, unlike Myspace it's harder to 'make friends' you kinda need to know your friends. I will have to keep working on it.
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No that's true... but where you "meet" the most people is in active groups...

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