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You will probably think that I am strange asking something like this but I am going to ask anyway. I love to bake, trying new recipes or adapting some of my own. That in itself does not sound like a problem but when there are just two of you in the house to eat the sweets that I want to bake, and you both have to watch your weight and cholesterol, it is a problem. I was wondering is any of you have a suggestion of how I could bake and then “dispose” of the extras without wasting them. I have kids and grandkids but they are all being very weight conscious right now so they don’t want any extras either. Got any ideas
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I had the same problem, Shirley! I contacted a Women's Shelter here in town and that's where I take things that I'm testing (and it's successful ) and or just trying out dishes that I don't want us to eat all of. I hope some of it gets past the shelter's workers...

Good luck.
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I bring my extra stuff to my office. They are usually pounced on within minutes

Or I share with my neighbors.
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I am sure the guys at your local fire station would not turn them down. It is a great way to say thank you for being there whether we need you or not...same with anyone else in public safety.
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I would do your asking - before you take things in. I know with schools and preschools you can not take home made goodies in much anymore. Has to be store bought. That is one reason I just don't bake much. Even now, my kids are not super sweets eaters, so I am always throwing away the cookies still left in the cookie jar. Probably about 1/2 get eaten.

I like the shelter idea and the firestation idea. I just would hate to have them turn you away with sweets in hand if they can't take them. Hopefully they can!
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I usually try out new recipes and sweets for community meals, ie, potlucks, or take stuff to the office. Unless it's "strange" food, it will get eaten up. I think Erin is right about what children in day care and schools are allowed to be served.

Cincinnati is a big city, certainly there is a place that would LOVE to have your goodies.... perhaps your grandchildren's school's teacher lounge... It would probably be best if you had some type of relationship with the lucky recipients... Otherwise, it might seem weird.
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I was concerned about the legalities also and when I spoke to the director, she said - forget it, just bring it all in! (the neighbors still get some...)
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The first place I thought of was the women's shelter. Also, if you have a Ronald MacDonalds House, you may want to check with them. When I stayed there, the cooking schools in the area always dropped off lots of stuff.
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Most of the retirement communities or homes will take them.
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I enjoy making a variety of cheesecakes, but only eat a small slice and the 800 lb gorilla doesn't like cheesecake, so I usually give them to friends or the firehouse. They're always appreciated.
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