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I almost forgot. Wednesday, I went to Southport to visit my mom. She is a BIG TIME basket weaver. She does regular oak baskets, but her passion is Nantucket Baskets. Here's some of her work: (I finally gave up trying to resize these things...sorry!)

[Image: Baskets2016.jpg]

[Image: DSC00204.jpg]

[Image: DSC00149.jpg]

[Image: Baskets2001.jpg]

ANYWAY, one of her basket friends moved over from Bald Head last fall and designed a house. They spend a lot of time together and Mom is always telling me what FABULOUS salad's Jo makes when she's visiting. Jo is a "vegetarian", but will sometimes stoop to using chicken broth and will eat seafood ANYTIME! Go figure!

Anyway, Mom has been wanting me to come see Jo's "garden". She thinks I need to replicate it at my house. So off I went last Wednesday! Jo showed me around, the house is GORGEOUS! But her favorite part of the house is her "children" in the back yard. She designed this garden herself...snagging styrofoam packing crates at the fish mongers on the docks...recycling the material to fill 3/4's of the beds with that, layered with chicken wire and soil. She has been eating salads from these beds since December and will continue to do so until the heat of the summer takes over. She is planting other stuff to fill in later. ALL of what you see is herbs or salad "greens" or edible flowers except the daffodils. She is quite proud of her "children" and loves the fresh produce she harvests daily! Here's the garden:

[Image: Salad3.jpg]

[Image: Salad1.jpg]

[Image: Salad2.jpg]
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Beautiful!! Vegitarians are fine and fun, especially if they eat fish. Vegans, I don't know--did you know the president of Whole Foods is a vegan?
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I love vegetarians, with BBQ Sauce...hey wow I didn't know "Gourmet_Grandma" was so talented? That is neat stuff and I bet those baskets look great full of fresh vegetables and breads skipping through the woods on the way to Grandmother's house...just watch out for that dang wolf...he likes vegetarians too.
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If she ever wants to come down to s. calif have her visit me I need all the help I can get Beautiful pictures!
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and here I am just wishing my little heart out for spring. I love the taller raised beds - good idea.
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Beautiful baskets! What a fun talent she has.

I love the raised bed gardens. My mother did those too. Here are a few pics of hers. She loves them. No more weeding on her knees. Saves the knees and back, plus they look great!

[Image: aaabins1.JPG]

[Image: GardenEntrance+for+web.jpg]

[Image: aaabins3.JPG]

[Image: raised+beds+4.JPG]
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When I've had raised beds they've been about 2 board widths high - not high enough these days, I'm thinking...
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The baskets are beautiful! Wow. Beautiful gardens too!

Years and years ago I had a 1/3 acre garden - with raised beds. Difference was I was in my 20's and dug trenches between the beds so they were about a foot higher. Of course when the horses got out and tramped through the garden to snack on the 3 x 8 square of fresh young corn shoots it sort of demolished the "raised beds" but there was no way I'd have ever gotten the ex to spring for wood to build sides. Ah well.
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