New show on Foodnetwork...
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Ok so they have this new show starting on The Foodnetwork.

It is called 'The FN Dish'.

I find this really offensive and was very disappointed in teh Foodnetwork for letting this name fly thru.

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Oh man, I'm glad you brought this up! I saw this advertised this weekend and thought, "Boy have they sunk to a new low!" I agree with you. This is very diappointing.
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So let's see.
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I don't even know enough about it to cast a vote!
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The network is going downhill fast in my opinion...they have it that "real" people do not want to see "restaurant style" stuff on tv. Therefore they are eliminating the Chefs and replacing them with the likes of Rachael Ray and semi-homemade lady a couple of years ago...they are continuing the path that way...more and more "real" people for the "real" people at home to watch since they believe that "real" people do not want to learn from Chefs but would rather learn from people that can not make it in the entertainment business on their they go to "easy" stuff like Food Alton Brown, yes he went to NECI but has ZERO other food experience. Sure, I love his show but...all and all Food Network is really disappointing these days.
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Well, I can see I was not the only one to miss the implications of the title of the show until I happened to sound it out and realised Denise had not asked for comment on the content of the show. Then I could see why someone could be offended.

Although I've seen and heard worse (will obviously skip the details), I do feel that it doesn't bode well for a network that already appears to be in an identity crisis.

At worst, it means the network is deliberately attempting to employ the basest of references in an effort to pander to as many people as possible.

At best, it means someone at the network either made a big mistake or had malicious intent, but the network didn't have enough quality control to spot the gaff and come up with something that would prevent a potential PR nightmare.

Either way, it's just another step in the continued dumbing-down of America, and reminds me of a scene from the movie Idiocracy (which, itself, is not for all viewers). The film make a social commentary upon contemporary society by showing a futuristic society that could result from such decline. One prime example of just how dumbed down the people of that society are is that the most popular movie in their theatres is titled A$$ (no, the $ signs are not the actual letters), and consists of nothing but a close up of a man's rear end, with occasional breaking of wind. As the narrator of Idiocracy said, "The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes that genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly, the greatest minds and resources were focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging er*****ns."

Considering some of the shows already on the air (and popular), such as My Name is Earl, and now this indiscretion by the FoodNetwork, America is probably (and sadly) further down the road to such things as the A$$ movie than many of us would care to imagine.

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I love the "Chefography" series they do but was not pleased at all with the lack of attention to the VERY IMPORTANT relationship between Julia Child and Chef Jacques Pepin and James Beard just because they (Mr. Beard and Chef Pepin) were not Food Network "personalities" like Chef Puck and the others they talked to about Mrs. Child.

I found the "history" of the network kind of funny as the people that "made" the network are all running for the hills (aka PBS) and others are slamming the network in the press. The repeats of "A Cook's Tour" are funny since Anthony Bourdain has not said much nice about the network of late. Same can be said about Iron Chef America judge Jeffery Steingarten (sorry if I butchered his last name) as he has slammed the network again and again but since he is popular with the viewers the network keeps him around and "looks the other way" when he voices his opinion of the shows and their content while speaking or writing.

This latest "problem" isn't a problem to them as long as it keeps interest in the network...for the first time in years their ratings are dropping. Odd, they change up a lot of things and get rid of/allow some of the most popular Chefs/televison personalities to go away (notice it is almost everyone with their own product line and Food Network has THEIR own now) and ratings drop...

So I guess technically if you only buy stuff because it is carrying the name of a "famous Chef" or the network you can't wait to buy a "FN Dish" to serve your favourite foods in because you too can cook like the "tv personalities" with little to no actual food training or knowledge...hope the lower paid behind the scenes Chefs create it right for the new hosts....
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Didn't even pick up on the rude name of the new show! That's just raunchy.

Think about this perspective... TV revenue is based primarily on advertising. There are many more people big brand food producers want to reach with a grab n go, almost homemade profile than people who like to cook with fresh produce and use crazy things like truffle oil. It's no wonder the quality of commercial shows is deteriorating... support your PBS station!

I really curtailed my commercial TV watching several years ago. The last show I watched with any regularity was X-Files - The truth is out there... Lately, the TV news isn't even newsworthy - especially the local productions. I do enjoy watching my teams, and can get roped into watching some History Channel or AMC shows.
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As long as I have M*A*S*H repeats I am all set...
"Ponder well on this point: the pleasant hours of our life are all connected, by a more or less tangible link, with some memory of the table."-Charles Pierre Monselet, French author(1825-1888)

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