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Finally we're repeating the cinnamon-coffee marinade, but this time I'm using a turkey back quarter. Hopefully it will be as good as chix thighs.

Have any of us talked about da Cook's (Marlene) Broccoli salad on here? We had it last nite (and tonite as leftovers) for the first time in a long time - it's so good.

Here's the recipe for anyone who would like something a little different. I added a little cheese and the pine nuts this time.


Recipe By: (DaCook) Marlene, Whitehorse, Yukon

2-3 bunches broccoli, cut in bit-size pieces
4 strips bacon, cooked, cooled and crumbled
1/2 med red onion, cut in rings
1/2 c golden raisins, softened in boiling water, then drained
1 c mayonnaise
1/2 c sugar
2-3 T. cider vinegar

Mix dressing ingredients together and toss with the salad ingred. Refrigerate for couple hours for the flavours to blend and the sugar to dissolve.

EDITOR'S NOTE: A number of us love this salad and have added our own twists to Marlene's salad - Gil(Gilbear) adds grated cheddar and I love to add a few toasted pine nuts.

[Image: salmoncakes.jpg]

P.S. It just happens to be in the Share A Recipe Cookbook also....

What is/did everyone else up to? Happy T.G.I.F. and I raise my glass to everyone!
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The first time I had the broccoli salad was at a church dinner about seven years ago. It sounds like a crazy combination, but is absolutely DELICIOUS!
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That picture is making me hungry! I'm trying something new out of the April 2008 Cooking Light. Chicken-Orzo Salad w/Goat Cheese. I'll make some garlic bread on the side.
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We love that salad at my house! I haven't had it in the longest time! I actually like it, even though it has raisins....LOL! The thing is, they're not cooked.

I had a LONG week and a terrible end to my week this afternoon, so I opted to make London Broil with horseradish sauce, baked potatoes, and a simple salad. William will be happy...It's "normal"...LOL!
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I hope everything worked out okay, Daphne.

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Thanks PJ. Teaching school is not what it used to be! I am also lacking the support I'm used to this year. I can't wait to retire! I am going to check out early retirement just as soon as YS gets into the Coast Guard this summer/fall! I can easily retire in 3 years, but I don't think I'll last that long! I want to move on and devote my time to cooking, gardening, and making our hunting camp a reality!
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I think I have to cook off more of the chick pea cakes. Thanks to who ever suggested that dish!!!
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Hope all is well "Mom"...keep me posted and feel free to contact me to vent if needed. I'll tell you all about my favourite teachers...Mr. Dunn, Mr. Mozell, Mr. Gurrieno, and Mr. LaMagra...they are all memorable for so many reasons...I am sure your name will appear on someone's list years for now like these names do on mine.
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I will second that...your name will be many of the favorites, if your friends here had a vote! My kids - only know teacher mom, and I hope they will always love both teacher and mom. It is such a hard line to balance. Good teacher, Authority, confidant, and friend. The first two always - the others only as the situation allows - and I would think these days that is less and less.
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I taught in the inner-city for about 10 years. There was very little support from any side but the union. Don't mess with me, did I mention I'm a teamster. The parents all thought I was out to flunk their kids. It took a lot of effort to convince parents that I don't look good as a teacher if their kids fail. The administration thought I was after their jobs (the only job harder than mine was theirs).

Throw in the politics and it was a pretty challenging situation. Our physical building was in bad shape, infested with rodents and bugs, there was no soap or water in the bathrooms, so I bought huge rolls of baby wipes so the kids could clean their hands after they went to the bathroom and before they ate lunch. We had HIV positive kids, but due to privacy issues, they were never identified, so it was up to the individual teachers to take their own precautions.

And they say teachers are underpaid!


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