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Well it's official. On my birthday I will be driving my daughter 500 miles north to San Francisco to settle her into her new dorm for college.

I mean it's good right? So Derek says "Hey think of it this way...for your birthday you get rid of your kid, get to go to San Francisco and have great food!" Lol
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She's going 500 miles away? Oh my! I'd have a very hard time with that...and on your birthday? And she'll be living in a big city like SF? That just stinks! Can we say the other "s" word? That would be more appropriate here!

My heart goes out to you Denise!
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Lol thanks Daphne I am about to have a nervous breakdown. She's an only child and I know that living with 4 other girls, and 1 bathroom is going to be a big enough change let alone being on her own in a big city and the school load...oh I just instantly go into Mom Mode and want to make sure everything is perfect.

I know I have to let go that she needs this experience. But oh...heaven help anyone who makes her cry (raises her rolling pin)
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Yes, it's good. Fran and I had mixed emotions when we dropped our daughter off her freshman year. She had been raised with good intentions, morals, ideals, and a realistic outlook. Our "fears" were non-consequencial. She was already a super person when we drove away. For the life of me I can't imagine what was going through my parents eyes when they made a similar drop off re; me. LOL

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My last visit to San Francisco was depressing--people all over with signs--"hungry, homeless, with aids"--even dinner in wonderful restraunts didn't get me past it-- I was happy when we went to Napa after two nites. It may not be the best place for an education--though I do believe the best way to become rational is to see what is not rational first and gradually come to reality. That is San Francisco. I think I've been for the last time--I'm 65 and don't want to be depressed any more. Someone else can change the world.
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This is the day you've worked toward for 18 years. Our priority goal as parents should include raising our children to be independent. Be proud that your daughter is able to go off to college which will set her on a higher trajectory for success as an adult. The best gift you can give your children is wings. Ya done good!
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Well Said - Home Culinarian - couldn't agree with you more

that's why you have and raise children to be self suficient and

be on there own. - It's not easy to step away and let them go and grow

But I am sure proud of my two children now.

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But it is sooooo hard when they are so far away (for me, at least). Thank God for the age of cell phones - you are just a speed dial away from that mommy hit when they need it!
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The best and worst of times!! Oh Denise, didn't it go quickly? She'll be fine and she will be in one of the most gorgeous cities in the world (don't even think about Bill's comments... ) - I love S.F. and you can find that 'stuff' in any big city.

By the way, all of you who have just finished raising your kids and they are out the door, do you still think something is missing in your lives every year come August? It took me a while to figure out that August was always so hectic buying back to school clothes (and seeing what could be passed down) and supplies!!
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Geez Jean, with my last one graduating next month, I guess I didn't think about that. I've done my last school supply splurge. My state now has a tax free weekend in August just for that purpose...
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