My Last Supper - Review!!
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Today's the day - I really had planned to write up my review last week on the road, but.... ROXANNE!!, where art thou?

so I'm off to do it now...I love this book
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I never got my book

I have tried 3 places and all are out of stock and on back order.
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I wrote mine out last week. Now I'll have to go find it.
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Haven't gotten mine yet either, Denise. Just as well, I guess, work is messin' up my free time

Looking forward to reading all the reviews, though!

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Well, here I go with mine!

What a fun read this book was and is, I guess, ‘cause I keep coming back to it! The choices really tell a lot about the different chefs. So many of the dishes I want to make. I did make Tom Aikens’ Scallops with Sauce Vierge and it was very good. A simple and I bet it’s wonderful would be (probably next) Eric Ripert’s Truffled Country Bread, I can almost taste it in my mind.

I really identified with Neil Perry’s last meal and day! (and Rick Bayless)

My answers to the questions –

What would be your last meal on earth?
It would have to go on all day.
I’d start the day with Uncle Wallace’s Buttermilk pancakes, Huckleberry & Maple syrup, thick piece of ham and Shramsberg Crement.
Mid-day, we would have a selection of cheeses, fresh fruit – and my old sommelier friend (well, she will be when she finishes her thesis!), June, to select the wines for this course.
Then we would continue throughout the day with every Mexican dish I’ve ever loved, especially twice-deep-fried catfish. We’d have to drink Brendaritas all day
Then late, late in the waning hours before I’m gone, I’d meet Roy at the fridge for a sneak-snack on a piece of apricot pie topped with chocolate ice cream

What would be the setting for the meal?
The whole last day has to be at the beach!

Who would be your dining companions?
Roy and our children (and they’d all be on their best behavior…), and my oldest and dearest friends who have seen me thru everything – Sonja, Coleenie, Cathy, and Susan and I think I’d invite my old boyfriend from high school, Merv St. George, so he could see what he missed out on all these years.

What would you drink with your meal?
All of the above and of course, different wines while I prep each course.

Would there be music?
Definitely, can’t do anything without music – some Willie and Merle, Bocelli, and I’d bring Kate Smith & Judy Garland back to sing one more time because these two always have made me cry, guess I’d have to work in Cleo Layne….this one’s hard.

Who would prepare the meal?
ME! Maybe I’d let Roy be my sous.

Roxanne, what a great choice for a book for all of us – thank you!
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About the book, I was excited to read about all the chefs, many I did not recognize. The photographs were excellent and insightful. I was slightly disappointed that I was so “ignorant” of so many of the foods mentioned, but then I realized, this was an opportunity to expand my experiences. That being said, I look forward to trying several of the recipes.

To follow Jean’s format:

Suzanne Goin and Gabrielle Hamilton were the closest to the day, but Mario and Tyler Florence came closest to the meal.

What would be your last meal on earth?
Like Jean, I would want my meal to last all day. I guess this may be cheating a little, but it’s just too hard.

My tastes are very simple. I would sit with William on the deck, watching the sun rise sipping fresh brewed coffee. Then I would definitely want my grandmother to make her biscuits, fresh cooked country ham, and soft scrambled eggs. There would be champagne, coffee, fresh butter, and my mother’s strawberry jam to accompany the meal. This meal would be just for the two of us.

After a leisurely tour around the lake including a swim on the far side of the park with William, I would have a BLT with fresh baked bread, crispy lettuce and the very tastiest tomatoes ever grown. My grandmother would also make her crispy fried chicken with mashed potatoes, and gravy. There would be all my favorite veggies, all cooked in pork fat so I could sip that lucious "pot licker". For dessert, I’d have Grandmother Hooker’s fresh baked pound cake, straight out of the oven with a side of my mother’s homemade vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries. My mother’s fresh brewed tea would be served with lots of shaved ice.

Near sunset, there would be a seafood buffet of seafood primavera, crab cakes, steamed/grilled seafood fresh caught by me from the ocean, Insalata Blu, and fresh baked crusty bread. Dessert would be an offering of my mother’s warm chocolate pies and 10 layer chocolate cake. (Even though I would like to have my daddy come back and BBQ a pig and make his Brunswick Stew and Black-eyed peas, I think he’d love this meal, too.)

What would be the setting for the meal?
I would definitely like to be on the water, either at home at the lake or at the beach. It would be a warm day, with a gentle breeze. I would set out my MIL’s china on the old farm table my mother grew up eating on, and flowers would be everywhere….the magnolias, azaelias, camillias, and gardenias would all magically be in bloom. The gardenias would scent the gentle breeze. I would watch the sun rise and set as boaters and sail boats passed by.

What would you drink with your meal?
Other than what is already mentioned, I’m at a loss on this one….hopefully I will get an education on good wines soon.

What would be the music?
I would not mind some soft classical music in the background, but the sound of the breeze, the water, and boat rigging singing in the background would be good for me.

Who would be your dining companions?
My family…those lost and living.

Who would prepare the meal?
William and I would prepare the dinner together, but breakfast and lunch would be prepared by my husband, my mother, Grandmother Hooker, and my Ma Ma Parker. Each has their own specialty. Other than what is already mentioned, my husband makes the best BLT’s. I would bake the breads.
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I really enjoyed this book. Here are some of my thoughts on it:

I found it really interesting how the chosen meals went from basic, to childhood favourites, to the high end items.

I was very surprised by Feran Adria's chose of meals. It wasn't what I expected at all.

Lidia Bastianich's hat was so great! Some of them went to great lenghts to get great pictures.

I don't know who Scott Grant is (I'll have to google), but I want to go to his meal!

I was so glad to see Chef Martin Picard included. I bought his book 2 years ago, and it fabulous. Always nice to see a Canadian included. And, his recipes are great. Jean has made at least one.

What would be your last meal on earth?
It would have to go on all day. I agree. I would haul out all my best mismatched dinnerware, cutlery, the antique glasses, Waterford, you name it. Lots of candles and flowers on the table.

Breakfast would be hard cooked eggs, onions, and peas, in a cream sauce , served in brioche. Coffee and / or Veuve Cliqout.

Lunch would be a pasta with evoo and butter, grey salt, cracked pepper and romano cheese. Wine would be a Pouligny Montrachet. A salad of bitter greens.

Mid afternoon snack would be the Caviar Tower from the Fairmont Royal York (Jean, that's where Paulie worked) along with ice cold vodka. Then, their Frois Gras platter with the best Ice Wine I could find.

For supper, I want some kind of confit. Some kind of pork (preferably with lots of fat), little grilled lamb chops , potatoes fried with onions in duck fat, some pulled pork, baked sweet potatoes, a side of poutine, carrots simmered in butter,.

Dessert would be fresh wild raspberries with real cream straight from the cow, like when we were kids. This would be served with Trockenbeerenauslese. If I'm dying, put it on the credit card, right?

What would be the setting for the meal?
The setting would be either in the country in Quebec at my sister's, or on a mountain top in VA close to where he lives.

Who would be your dining companions?
I say make a party of it, me, Gil, and the family.

What would you drink with your meal?
What I mentioned, and anything else that appeared.

Would there be music?
Probably old R&B (Otis Redding, Wilson Picket) from the 60's, some classical, some country, Roy Orbison, Evita, Les Mis, The Nutcracker).

Who would prepare the meal?
Gil and I, with some help from the family, but, I'd probably just be my bossy self and tell them to sit down.

I made Pepin's Crepes with jam. I usually make Julia's Child's, but gave his a chance, They were really good. I also made Michelle Bernstein's Potato apple Pancake. Really good!
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"I don't know who Scott Grant is (I'll have to google)," - I couldn't find 'Scott Grant,' did you mean Scott Conant?

Chef Martin Picard - he was one of the two who did the newspaper thing? That was fun.

Caviar Tower - more details, please!

The potato apple pancake looks good to me also.

Yesterday, I made Eric Ripert's Truffled Country Bread, my that was good! Learned another 'old dog' trick with this one. I toast my bread rounds on b. sheets and have to turn them, pain in the butt. Laying them directly on the oven rack for 3-4 min - perfect! For home use and smaller catering, this is really the way to go.

This is fun reading where everyone's thots (well two of you anway ) head with your choices.
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" did you mean Scott Conant? "
No wonder I couldn't find him when I googled. Yes, that's him. Seems he rose to the top in early 2000. Has an Italian cookbook out, will have to check it out.

Ah, the Caviar Tower. I was there with two friends from Winnipeg. One is the owner of 3 spas, on a buying trip, has more money than dirt, and loves to flaunt it. Before we knew it, she was ordering, and we were so glad she did. They quickly realized money was no object for her, and paid very good attention to us.

It was a 3 tiered siver tray, not very high. On the bottom were warm house made blini. The second tier held the sides. Perfectly diced egg yolks, whites, onions, etc. The top tier was the caviar, on a bowl of ice. Beautiful little Mother of Pearl spoons. Great presentation. It wasn't mentioned on the menu, but they brought us several ice cold shots of vodka to accompany it. It was really , really good.

The foie gras platter was done two ways, a terrine, and seared. Two different fruit sauces, and again, not on the menu, but a bottle of Ice Wine to go with it.

Chef Picard is the owner of the restaurant. But, yes, that's the salmon you made. I have to dig out that video again.
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  Re: Re: My Last Supper - Review!! by Lorraine (" did you mean Scott...)
What a fun way to present the tiered caviar - duly copied.

Just had a quick note from Roxanne - she and Peter are not having best times of their lives right now. Peter's back and Rox has an abcess (?) - she'll be back with us soon.
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