Graduation party coming - punch or other suggest?
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I'm having a graduation party for my stepdaughter next weekend and need a great recipe for a fruity and sparkling yet non-alcoholic punch, please - any ideas? And any unique ideas otherwise for a high school graduation party? It's for her friends and their parents - 4-6PM and hors d'oeuvres and punch. Most will probably drop by for an hour or so and then head to the next party on their agendas. Thx!
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Hi Carol

I'm doing the same thing this June. So we're doing Mocktails. No alcohol.

I am also make rasberry lemonade and peach iced tea.
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Well, I may be prejudice, but after just having the Cobb Salad Muffeletta, I'd be making that. I think it would work cut into managable pieces with a cocktail pick to hold it together. YUM!

As for the punch, I like Denise's ideas. There are many cocktails that can be made without alcohol and still taste great. Flavored lemonades and teas are very popular with all ages. Strawberries are ready here and should be your way. I'm not sure how soon your peaches come in...not for another month or two here. Either way, I'd go with what was locally fresh if possible. Chilled sparkling grape juice with raspberries would look nice, too.
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One that I always liked: Open a two-litre bottle of Sprite. While holding the bottle away from you and over a sink, insert three "Raspberry Zinger" teabags (or one of the larger ones) into the bottle. It will foam up, but that's okay. Put the top back onto the bottle and refrigerate it, allowing it to steep overnight. Then, just pour it into a punch bowl, serve with ice, or whatever.

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Here's my suggestion - I offer this at a lot of caterings and usually have to make a store run to buy more supplies, it's very good!

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34 ozs bottle carbonated water, chilled
34 ozs ginger ale, chilled
24 ounces unsweetened white grape juice, chilled
Ice cubes or party ice cubes (see below)

In a lg. pitcher combine carbonated water, ginger ale, & grape juice.
Pour over ice cubes in chilled champagne glasses or wine glasses (or punch bowl).

Serve immediately. Makes about 20 4-oz. servings.

FOR PARTY ICE: Place small pcs. of fruit (berries or tiny citrus wedges), small sprigs of fresh mint, or 1/2" strips of orange peel into the compartments of ice cube trays. Add enuf water to fill, then freeze.

"20 4-oz servings"
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NOTES : Party guests love this 'punch' - Be sure to take extra.
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Thanks - I'm thinking that this faux champagne punch might taste great and look really pretty with some of our fresh strawberries too - will try this. Thanks!

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