Mole Fajita Review
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i made these fajitas from the latest issue and they were ok. There were a few bright points. The tomato sauce you make with it was fantastic. It was spicy and smoky and really nice. I also made the grilled guacamole that is in the book as well and it was great. Grilling the avocado gave them a really nice depth of flavor. I will definitely make the sides again but i hae other fajita recipes that are much better.

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Linda, looking at the tomato sauce, it does look good!! hmmmm, lots to do with that sauce, I think. And what a good idea to grill the avocado first - hadn't even noticed that one. Thanks.
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Funny, I was just looking through the new issue to see what I may want to try this week and saw this. I totally forgot I made it...LOL! The skirt steak was pretty forgetable, but I agree that the veggies, quacamole, and sauce were very good. I have never made fajitas before, so I guess I need to try a different way of seasoning the beef.
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