Weekend Plans Anyone???
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Hey guys...Memorial Day Weekend here in the states. Anyone got anything planned? Those of you away from computers will have to let us know what you did for the long weekend when you get back...

We are spending today relaxing at home and then this afternoon heading up to town to "ditch" the baby with Holly's parents for the night. Kambree is spending the night with Grandma and then on Sunday being taken to my Mother's house for the day. We are headed to Des Moines and Osceola, Iowa on Sunday for shopping and a trip to Southern Hills Winery. Monday is housework and recovery day.

No BBQing for us this weekend I guess...dang rain and thunderstorms.

Have a safe and happy weekend and remember to take a moment to remember those that gave all that a person can give to give us the freedoms we have today as this weekend is meant to be for.
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Happy Memorial Day!!!! A wise man once said "If you can read this freely, thank a Veteran".

Sorry about the weather, LJ. It's finally warming up here, so it's planting weekend. We'll grill something tonight, not sure what, as my SIL is out shopping and will buy whatever looks good. Tomorrow is pork hocks for him, and grilled lamb chops for us.
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Well, YS graduated last night and headed off to the beach with his fellow graduates. (There were only 11 of them, so they are very close. Yes, I said 11...LOL!) So, it's just me and William for the weekend. He's gone to the camp to fertilize the garden while I finish planting the tomatoes and herbs on the deck. Tonight is the May Fly Festival.

Several years ago, a friend decided to host a party to celebrate the May Fly. This creature lives only 24 hours, but lays thousands of eggs before dying. They hatch out of the lake by the thousands and cover every surface for days during the month of May. This is good for the fishermen, but us homeowners have a heck of a time with clean up when they're gone...LOL! Anyway, at the party, a king and queen are selected and designated next year's host. Every host includes previous guests and add their own friends. It has gotten quite large. There will be food, drink, and dancing this year. I'm very excited!

Tomorrow, will be a day of relaxing on the deck. I will probably grade my papers one last time, because next week is testing and the week after will be the last full week of school....YEAH! I also want to bake some bread and will probably make the muffuleta sammies again...they were soooo good! But right now, I'm checking out the things I want to try, so this may change.

Monday will include some cooking and cleaning to get ready for the next week. I also plan to go to town to buy groceries for the coming week. I plan to get the ingredients for the scallop salad from the latest issue...although, if I get some cedar planks or wraps, this may change as well!

I hope everyone has a safe and festive weekend! And thanks to all you veterans and service men and women who have and continue to keep our country safe and free!
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Bob is on call this weekend (and then all next week & weekend) He's covering for another tech who just lost his father.

I'm going to head to Curves in 45 minutes, come home & shower, and then our weekend begins. Bob has a car to fix, we want to work in the yard some more, and maybe we'll take a run up to the boat - just so hard to know if he's going to get a call (territory for "on call" is from Monterey in the southwest corner to Chico in the northeast corner)

I am going to make Jean's dinner this weekend, and polish sausages with the Red Cabbage Kraut. Oh, and a batch of popcorn bread to make into hot dog buns and hamburger buns.
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We'in Lilliwaup - on the Hood's Canal. Weather cooperating enuf so we went down to the beach and got a huge bucket of oysters and dug a few clams. Came right back up to the house and grilled them!! Oh my, you can't get much fresher than that! We couldn't eat all that we picked up, so have a large ziplock bag cleaned and frozen to take home with us - oyster fritters, fried oysters, Hangtown Fry...... hmmmmm

This a.m. our host, who loves to cook made up Eggs Benedict and used Knorr's Hollandaise sauce mix. Have never tried it, and it wasn't half bad. I'm thinking I'll pick some up for the trailer cooking.

Last night he smoked ribs for 4 hours, then threw on the grill with lots of Sweet Baby Ray's sauce, baked beans, German potato salad and creme brulee for dessert. We be eatin' like kings.

Today, we are headed for Brinnon (about 9 miles up the road) for the shrimp festival - God, another pig out!!! will head home tomorrow and get ready to leave Wednesday a.m. for Portland party.

By the way, the red cabbage sauerkraut is wonderful - brought some with us and we just stood picking at it!!

Have a great weekend everyone! (daphne, that party sounds like fun!) darn, somewhere in this I have a birthday!!! Hope we don't forget.

Dinner review Monday a.m.!!
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Oh Jean that sounds like so much fun. Sweet Baby Ray's is the only commercial BBQ sauce allowed in the house. Jennifer's orders.
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!
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Well tonight a fellow student of mine and I are going to a restaurant called the Foundry. It was opened by one of our instructors about a year ago. And one of other instructors are going to meet us there. Should be fun to catch up on things
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Never been a big commercial BBQ sauce fan but my favourite is Country Side made up in Algona, Iowa by the Chase Family on their farm. Kevin and Karen are good people on top of it...

I have had Sweet Baby Ray's and the "restaurant" version which is the same recipe under a different label's name...don't remember what it is but it is a different name and almost looks "generic" in the restaurant world these days.
"Ponder well on this point: the pleasant hours of our life are all connected, by a more or less tangible link, with some memory of the table."-Charles Pierre Monselet, French author(1825-1888)
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Saturday morning we went garage "sailing" to get some furniture for college boy's new unfurnished apartment, then we cleaned up around the house and worked in the yard. Ground is still too wet to get all the planting in. We'll hope for a long growing season this year. I also did my erranding and sneaked in a mani & pedi in the afternoon. Hubby didn't get around to making my Mother's Day meal until last night. He made the Florentine Pork Chops with roasted tomatoes & goat cheese and grilled broccolini from issue #64. I went to the old fashioned butcher shop for the chops. It was really good. A similar Florentine recipe for steaks is in the new Grilling book. Found it at Sam's yesterday.

Today after church we have a couple of graduation parties to attend for teenage daughter's friends, then more yard work. Her graduation is Tuesday night and our Colorado daughter is coming home for the event. We're planning to have a little open house of our own in a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow - probably more gardening work.

Wish we were close enough to come to the May Fly party. That sounds like great fun.
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The party was a blast! We missed the food though....William was late getting back and the dang thing started at 5! They served at 6! I guess when you invite people with small children you serve early...oh well! We got to see many people we have not seen in a long time and the music was GREAT!
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