Ultimate Dinner Experience
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Ok I must share a dining experience we had last night. It was over the top! I have put it all in my blog. I must warn you it's a long post with pictures too


This was a perfect evening.
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HOLY COW! That was awesome! I wish I could smell it, but just looking at it made me start drooling. What an incredible experience indeedy! Nice pictures, btw. Now I have a dining experience challenge to match. I hope I'll be able to see that day. Maybe if I show William your blog, he'll get inspired.
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Oh Denise, reminds me of the experiences at Bouchon's or Vesta's - I hope everyone get this experience at some point in their lives!

"We are then presented with tender gnocchi nestled in fava bean puree and served in a hot cast iron pan, with shaved Parmesan cheese." First one I'm going to copy!!!!

"Derek's braised short ribs with hanger steak, and roasted fingerling pototoes." - I'm hearing more and more of combining the meats cooked differently. New since I was in the kitchen and I love the idea.

"carrots three ways." - how were the three ways?

What a great evening!! And it's just all the better if you know the chef, isn't it?
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Oh I am still gushing about this meal to anyone that will listen.

The carrots were shaved and sauteed in evo. Then there were whole roasted baby carrots and then carrot puree.

It was such a delightful treat and experience. I am so going back for his tasting menu.
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Soundss like a fabulous meal, Denise, wish I could have been there! I'm looking forward to experimenting a bit this summer, now that I'm on a reduced work schedule.

Glad you had a great time


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