Microwave Corn?
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Any ideas on how to best microwave corn when you're in a hurry (and can't use those great grilling ideas in the other post)? I've tried it multiple times but can't seem to get the timing nor the water right. Thx!
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I don't use the microwave for corn on the cob. I put husked corn in large pot of water with sugar and lemon juice. Bring to a boil, then cover and take off heat. The corn will hold nicely for quite a while.
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I've never done corn in the microwave. I'm thinking if you have time to get some water boiling, H.C.'s idea would be the best idea. When it's raining in the trailer, I do cook mine in water, but I just leave them in for about 5 minutes.
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A friend from our past (who shall remain in the past) brought us some wonderful fresh corn. Said to just toss it in the freezer husks and all - then into the microwave for about 2 min per ear (or one min per ear if fresh). Although it was a little messy it was the "corniest" tasting corn I've ever had.
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