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Hello all, new to the forum, long time subscriber... I just graduated from a master's program 3 weeks ago, and realzed a week ago that CAH has not sent me an issue since last April, 2007. They are fixing the problem (I can't believe I didn't catch that I wasn't getting the mag for a whole year, but I guess I was a little busy). Anyhow, they tell me they do not have December 07 or Feb 08 because they were all sold out. I will get the rest of the issues, plus two to make up for the mistake, but I will be missing two issues... I hate missing issues! I wanted a copy of the pumpkin cheesecake recipe, and any other good recipes from thoe issues. Also, any ideas on how I might get a hold of those magazines without having to buy the yearbook?
Thanks for any help you can give.
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Welcome to the forum, Jennifer. You may have trouble getting those issues, we all seem to hang on to them like gold!

Dec. '07 - The Crab & Scampi filets were good; the Beef Tenderloin with garlic spinach and balsamic reduction was wonderful.

Here's a thread where we discussed all the goodies in this issue, you might find some you particularly want. (You can also do a search for something that sounds good to you, we post a lot of the recipes for those who don't have the issues.)


Like this one from the issue #66 -


Issue #67 - Feb. '08 is full of great ideas and a lot of them have been posted here I think.


O.K., overall what I suggest you do is do a search for "Issue 66" and "Issue 67" (use the quotation marks) and you'll get lots of the recipes that we liked. Good luck.

P.S. Also, Labs has set up a website with the recipes listed for each issue, you might check that out also.

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Welcome, Jen. Glad you could join us. With all the lively discussion around here, it's rare to be without a recipe for long.

As of right now, the specific pumpkin cheesecake recipe you mentioned has not been posted to the forum, yet, though I'm sure someone will type it in soon.

Meanwhile, this link will take you to a different pumpkin cheesecake recipe that someone posted here a while back.
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Thanks Labs! I had forgotten about this one. I've saved the thread to my desktop for use this summer. A definite summer project...the BEST NY Cheesecake! The "employee" hasn't let me forget that I owe him....LOL!
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Welcome Jen! you should just tell them to send you the compendum that has all the issues in one volume. Then you'll get those 2 issues that you would otherwise miss out on.
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I actually did. I am waiting for a response from them, but they are too quick from my first query. They already sent me the issues I missed(good!) but now I probably won't be able to get the whole book (bad). Also, one issue is 2007 and the other is 2008. I asked if they would give me a discounted price, at least. good idea, thanks!
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Thanks for the tips. I will keep looking....dang, how could I go for a year and not know that I was NOT receiving yummy recipes???? ARUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!
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HUH? Oh, Jean! I am soooo NOT going to open that link!
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Weird, Daphne, just weird.

Hopefully noone else opens it.

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