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If right now someone said I will pay for 3 items. Any items, no matter the cost or the rarity. And you must prepare a dish. What would the 3 items be and what is your dish?

Black Truffles
Kobe Steaks

The steak would be grilled and then pan basted to medium rare. A red wine reduction sauce, with truffle essence would be drizzled around the side. Fresh shaved truffles on top.

I think caviar, if high end, should always stand alone.

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Okay - I'll reveal my Midwestern and unworldly lack of sophistication and class. I've only seen black truffles and Kobe steaks on the TV cooking shows. Have tried caviar and found it to be overrated.

I'd be too nervous working with crazy expensive ingredients to enjoy the process. This is a cool idea for all the pro cooks in the group. I'd love to try your meal, tho.
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I'm with HC on this, but if they were paying I'd try it anyway...how do you make your wine sauce Oh Empress of my Heart?
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OK, three items....HMMMMMMM

beef fillet(Kobe, since I would LOVE to try it)
Premium thick slice bacon

Surf and Turf, of course! The lobster would be prepared whole, steamed and plated properly. The tenderloin would be skewered and threaded with bacon as recommended in the latest issue...OH SO GOOD!

(Fresh toasted garlic bread and a Caesar salad would be good with this, but I could go with the original menu.)
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Well, Denise, you pretty much have it covered but I'll chime in here anyways. Kobe steak would be my first choice, a lobster roll (on a grilled hot dog roll, of course!) would be second. My third would have to be a glass of realllly good wine, not food of course but I need to wash down that Kobe with something equally dazzling

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Billy, 1 high quality bottle red wind (750 ML). I prefer a Bordeaux. About 12 = 16 oz of beef stock,2 small thyme stalks and then I would add 3 shavings of the truffle. I would reduce the whole thing to about 1.25 cups of liquid. Salt and pepper at the very end.

Btw for those that don't know about sauces or reductions...I had an instructor once tell me, and I quote "A good sauce starts with a great soup. If you can make a good soup you can make a good sauce. Just reduce it down and strain it."

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