From Roxanne:
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Here is an email I received from Roxanne this morning:

Hi Billy,

Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and caring do not realize how much that means to me!!!! We are healthy and great if not a bit exhausted. When I have a moment to let you know what has been happening, I will, for sure!!! I have been missing you and all of my forum friends...I have MAJOR withdrawal but you guys will have my inane personality back soon....

I am so very happy that you are feeling better---sometimes we don't know how terrible we feel un till we get "fixed"---

Love you too---just keep up that positive attitude and your caring us something to look forward to each day.

See you soon "over there"...please let everybody know that I WILL BE BACK-----we have had guests for a few weeks and other nightmares along the way.

Hugs to you,

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I sure have missed her around here. I hope everything gets in order for them soon
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Same here! I emailed her also to check up on her and told her we all miss her and she said "Geesh, I can't imagine why?" C'mon Roxanne, there is only one like you! Now hurry back!!!

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Glad to hear she's okay.

Was wondering why it seemed so quiet around here.
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Wow, thanks Billy and Maryann! I was a little worried, since it had been soooo long. I'm glad she's OK. Hurry back's not the same without you.
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So glad she is okay and hopes to be "home" with us soon. I sure do like her like I do all of the rest of you around here. My "extended misfit family" that I hold as dear to my heart as my actual family.
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Very well said my friend!
Don't wait too long to tell someone you love them.

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Hope she'll be back soon - it's a b*tch when life interferes with our online neighborhood...
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I am soooooo glad that she is okay. I was just going to ask if anyone knew what happened to her. I hope that Peter isn't sick again. I also miss her!
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Well, that's good news, I was wondering where she went off too. It'll sure be good to have her back.
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