Cajun Shrimp Fettuccine REVIEW
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I forgot to review this the other night. It was sooo late. It is from
Cuisine Tonight page 79.

This was a nice treat. I made the recipe as it was written with the only change being the use of freshly made pasta. I also tempered the egg yolks with some of the sauce before adding them to the pasta. I will definitely do this again and use the yolk trick to thicken other sauces in the future. It became so creamy! I'd give this a 9 for sure! I will add, it was not very hot...even for me, so I will probably add a little more cayenne and maybe a little Old Bay to spice it up a little more.
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OT - Speaking of Old Bay, Daphne, I opened my box of Old Bay Crab/Shrimp Boil and discovered it was a mesh bag filled with a variety of whole/chopped spices. I thought it would be a powder. Maybe I'll just have to put them in the blender. The reason I opened it was to add a little to the Shrimp, Portobello and Garlic Cream Sauce recipe. I'll know to checky, checky, next time.
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Yes, Billy, that's the crab boil pouches. The spice is in a rectangular yellow tin can with a round red lid. Your idea to put it through the spice grinder should work fine.

[Image: img_product_seasoning.jpg]

OK, so it's not round anymore....the old lid was a hassle anyway.
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Got the weekend off and want to do something different so this might just be it...
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