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I actually made two new C@H recipes this weekend. On Saturday I made the Steak and Shrimp salad on the cover of the newest issue. It was really good. I am not sure I liked it all together on one plate because I have this weird thing about like the warm meat wilting my salad. I know very weird. But it was very nice all the same.

Then yesterday I made the Mongolian Flank Steak and the noodle salad from the new Grilling cookbook. This was fantastic and one we are adding to the "make again" list. It was very flavorful but again I think it could take the marinade longer than the 20 minutes it suggests (I know they have it has a fast meal but I thought a longer marinating time would make it even better). The noodle salad was really really refreshing with the yummy ramen noodles and all the fresh veg. I made the strips of carrot and red pepper a little bigger so thy added more "crunch". It was very filling without making you feel stuffed.

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You all are going faster than I can keep up with!! I'll have to start having two dinners a day.
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Oh, we LOVED the Surf and Turf! Although, I think I'll sub my regular scampi recipe next time.
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