Thursday's Dinner?
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I'm doing the steak and shrimp tonight, I know Linda just reviewed this. Picky and Picky Jr are going to the Celtics/Lakers game in Boston tonight (those tickets would feed a family of six for a month), so diet be damned, while the cat's away and all that

Whatcha all doing to wind down the week?

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I would trade all of my in-laws for those dinner would be nachos and beer at the gahden while memories of Bird, McHale and Parish run through my head. Man oh man...PJ this makes THREE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIPS for BOSTON AREA TEAMS! The Sox took the World Series, the Pats went to the Super Bowl and now the C's are back in the finals. Didn't we have a hockey team in Boston once???

Back on topic, I have to work down south and Holly and Kambree will be home waiting out the weather which is supposed to be VERY bad here tonight as it is in much of the midwest. We are expecting a huge tornado outbreak starting tonight and continuing through the overnight. They are saying tonight will be the most violent night of storms all season. I am guessing they will have something from the freezer or grab something in town before coming home to listen to the weather radio.
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Since I played with Nigella's dishes last night, tonight we have to have the Chinese Chix salad.
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LJ, I hope you, Holly and Cambree stay safe tonight. I'll say another prayer for everyone in that area of the country tonight.

I have no idea what I am making. Maybe a meatloaf and baked potato. I really like the skinny meat loaf, but don't have the turky or pork, so will just make my usual. BUT, I think I might make the gravy! YUM. It has been so cold and drizzly here - only in the 50's. Where is our summer?
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Didn't we have a hockey team in Boston once???

Hmmm, I think I remember something about them when I was in Jr High School in the 70's.....

Hope your girls are okay throughout this latest storm. You have been hit pretty hard out there, I'll be thinking of them.

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I bought some beautiful looking Opah today along with a couple of soft shell crabs. I'll make an avocado/mango type salsa to top the Opah with.

All needs to be eaten by 6:00pm so Tony can watch that Laker/Celtics game.
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Oh, LJ, we're saying prayers for you and your girls tonight. I would not want to be home alone for that - Holly is a lot braver than I am. My daughter and her girl friend are driving from Utah to Wyoming today, then onwards to the Dakotas and eventually the UP of Michigan. Geeze - they sure picked lousy time for weather.

Back on subject. Dinner tonight? I think we are having surprise company. I think we'll grill something - and have whole wheat quesadillas with Rhubarb Bacon Onion Compote. Yum.
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Prayers from NC too LJ! I agree that Holly is much braver than me!

Tonight I'm cooking from Sizzle again...Mario Batali's Hot Subs Molto-Style...ham, salami, pastrami, provolone, roasted red peppers and pickle relish on popcorn bread subs smooshed on the grill.
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We're "enjoying" the same weather here as LJ... We've had 10+ inches of rain in the last 35 or so days. The ground is so saturated all of the gardener snakes on campus are out in plain view.

For dinner tonight, I'm going to try the grilled turkey tenderloins and tomato dressing from the new grilling book.
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Geez folks, prayers all around! It's a balmy 68°F and windy here.

We're having pinto beans and Skillet Cornbread tonight.
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