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I haven't been on much the last while. We are re-locating our offices, and itis an incredible amount of work. I leave tomorrow morning at 6:09am for Virginia. (I must have been REALLY anxious to get there when I booked my flight, I'll have to leave the house at 3:30am!!!). Sunday night we'll go to Baltimore to visit his family, and back to Virginia Wednesday morning. One of his cooks (he only has two)is leaving. The Inn is booked solid, which usually translated to increased lunch and dinner, and they have been way more walk in traffic than normal for this time of year. Fly back home July 9th. So, you may not see much of me. Have fun, have a great July 4th (I'll probably be on hot dog grilling detail LOL), and behave yourselves.
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Have a great time! It sounds like you'll be too busy to have a restfull time.

We're planning our "BIG" weekend celebration this weekend. Bob's on call all next week and the 4th so we'll be having a restfull weekend of yard work and movies (I hope)!
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Miss Lorraine, you just have yourself the bestest time in the whole wide world and love to Chef Gil also!!!
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Hope I'm not posting this too late, Lorraine. Want to wish you a safe and happy trip. Have a great time visiting your future inlaws, and hopefully you will get some time by yourselves as well.

Got some reading for tonight, the LCBO arrived today!!!

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I agree...I hope you have the bestest time EVER!!!! Again, safe travelling!

BTW, when are you moving down for good???????? I had hoped to go to the inn for Mother's Day, but couldn't. To catch "both" of you....and maybe "Roufy" (sp?) would be soooo cool!
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