Sunday Dinner
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Alaska closed the Copper River early this year--getting our Salmon the last week resulted in Prince William Sound Salmon--we are roasting two filets and serving with home grown tomatoes and corn. Sounds good to me--only a few miles difference in Copper River and the Sound. Love the Northwest. Jean--envy, envy, envy--
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(we have some copper river salmon in the freezer.... )

We had grilled lamb chops and a rotini salad - one of those I'll never be able to duplicate, but it was sure good!! Cleaned the pantry/fridge for it.

Texas - your tomatoes and corn are ready - envy, envy, envy My tomatoes are just beginning, I do have a zuc abou 2" long and a yellow pepper about the size of small walnut and still green. not even a lemon cucumber yet...
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I got a deal on flat iron steak the other day (about $3 and a half a pound). We cooked that up on the grill and had roasted potatoes and onions with a salad. We had to move the grill and walk through a maze to get to it though.

Our neighbors have been talking for a while about cutting down a tree between our houses. They've been down for weeks, but done nothing about it. Well, late yesterday afternoon, we had a big storm blow up. The tree is now on my house!!!!! We don't think there is any damage to the house. My beautiful old majestic magnolia at the end of the deck kind of broke it's fall. The top of my magnolia is ruined! What a mess!
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