No Cook Pizza Sauce
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I posted this on an Italian thread but I wanted to share it here--modified from a Fine Cooking--
1 -28 oz can San Marzano tomatoes DOC
1- T chopped fresh basil
1- T chopped fresh oregano
3 minced garlic cloves
Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Put the tomatoes thru a food mill and add the remaining ingredients and stir to blend. Pour over the pizza crust and add your toppings--bake --should make at least 4--10inch pizzas with leftovers---next day for dinner, sautee sliced onions, bell peppers, and hot Italian sausage with leftover sauce--heat until thickened and serve over pasta with garlic bread and Caesar salad. Two meals.

The difference in San Marzanos is incredable--the price is too.
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Sounds very good - and a twofer to boot!!
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Sounds quick and easy too. Will be trying this one. Thank you, Bill.

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Thanks Bill! I've been experimenting with my pizza sauce, so I'll give this one a try...just as soon as I get my hands on the tomatoes. They really do make a difference.
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Thanks, Bill. It sounds great!
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YUM, Bill, this sounds good, quick and easy. What more could you ask for? I bet it'd go good to dip Blitz Bread too.
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