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So I haven't been around much the last few weeks, and this is why....

[Image: DSCN0981.jpg]

Finally ready for final fitting and hemming, I've forgotton how long it takes to make a dress that takes a total of 25 yards of fabric.. (It's the flower girl's dress, I had to hand pleat all that fabric because I couldn't find it commercially)

Now, I can get back to cooking.

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Wow! You are multi-talented for sure. Please post photos of the flower girl in it, too.
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That dress is absolutely luscious. Part of me misses doing that kind of stuff. I can truly appreciate the amount of work that went into that!
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Holy smokes! Tell me Sweetheart, what don't you do?
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I don't sew as much as I used to and sometimes miss it also, although I never made anything quite like that, PJ. You do beautiful work! Sorry to be so forgetful, but when is the wedding again? Be sure to post pics!

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I have always believed it takes years, a mother, a grandmother, a designer, an artist, a chef, a color cordinator, a makeup expert, someone with a Phd in Janitorial Studies, and a counselor, in addition to regular school and eduction to create a woman. When do you all sleep? You make my point. It's easy being a man.
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What a beautiful dress! Great work PJ.

I must second Bill and Billy's comments and throw in my own...of course it takes all of those things to create a woman...a woman may someday become a Mom and need to perform ALL of those duties and more.

Kind of makes you wonder why we don't do Mother's Day once a week at the least...
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PJ! All that and more! I love the guys comments! AMEN!

Now that I feel totally inadequate.....LOL! Just kidding!

Look forward to you getting back to cooking though!

Can't wait to see the pics of the whole thing. I didn't remember you having a daughter getting married though...HMMMM? CRS is soooo catchy! So many goings on this summer!

Now put us all out of our misery and give us the details ONE MORE TIME....LOL!
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What a darling dress!! Whew, what a lot of work it was too.
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Well done!! I can barely sew on a button.
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