Poblano Corn Chowder Review
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Made the Poblano Corn Chowder from C@H Splendid Soups book last night. Also made the crab toasts recommended as a side. Sweet corn is in the stores and cheap (it's not locally grown - now that's a treat in August!) so I thought I'd give this recipe a try. It is easy and very good. My only modification was to back off the 1/2 teasp cayenne by a bit. Next time I'll back off a bit more - to a 1/4 teasp.

The Crab Toasts were also really good. I would change the directions to mix the cream cheese, cream, lemon juice & egg yolk before adding the crab and veges. This mixture would also work as an appetizer on smaller pieces of toasted bread, or perhaps Melba rounds.

This was a nice summertime dinner.
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Thanks HC, for the review. This does sound like a nice summertime meal.

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Sounds good HC! I got this book by accident when I ordered the new grilling book and the salad book. I didn't get the salad one. It's been so long now, I guess I'll just keep it and maybe order the salad one again. We went to Lowe's today after church and I snagged the new Sandwich and Salad one. I've already picked out several things to make, including a paella salad! I think I'm going to switch something out on this week's menu to include this.
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