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In a previous post titled Pot Roast, piano requested favorite pot roast recipes. HomeCulinarian mentioned one she had tried in her post for a Guinness Pot Roast. It was a recipe request from kemosabe. One of those members that come in, request a recipe and we never hear from them again. So sad. ANYWAY, this person had high praise for the recipe and since HomeCulinarian has not steered me wrong yet, I decided to give it a try. (The recipe is posted in the Guinness Thread.)

-The recipe calls for a chuck or arm roast. The only braising roasts I had available that looked good with just the right amount of marbling was a bottom round.
-In the recipe, it says to remove the excess fat. On the roast I had, there was a small "fat cap" (?) on one side. Fortunately, I removed this (like I said, it had nice marbling), because it revealed a "silver skin" (?). I'm not sure of those terms, but the "skin" was much like you find on the underside of ribs. I removed this also.
-I "eyeballed" the veggies.
-I used button mushrooms instead of shitake.
-I reduced the amount of red pepper by half and it had just the right amount of heat. It is a pot roast for "Pete's Sake".
-I used beef base and water instead of box stock.

Recommended changes:
-I will probably add a few more veggies in the first stage.
-There is plenty of sauce for this, so there would be plenty of room for double the carrots and at least that much of other veggies you'd like to use. This time I served it with mashers, but I will add the 'taters to the pot next time.

This was definitely a 10. Not only for flavor, but ease! This is definitely a "set it and forget it" recipe. I easily prepped the veggies while the roast was searing.

One BIG problem arose with this recipe. I had to wait on the potatoes, since William was late getting back from the garden...I didn't want to carry them in my car. This left the roast and veggies "resting" for about 15 minutes on the counter. That was okay, because I just simmered the sauce while the potatoes cooked. This is poured over the roast when you're ready.

The problem came in when I realized "the boys" were going to the kitchen and "picking" at my roast. AT LEAST A THIRD OF IT WAS GONE by the time the potatoes got done. I was FURIOUS! (It was that good.)

I would only plan to serve 4 with this recipe. If you have a dutch oven large enough, I'd double it, maybe not the sauce, there'll be PLENTY, and have leftovers to freeze for another meal.

The boys response: "I've never had a pot roast this tender or with this much flavor in my life." That's pretty high praise since both father and son had great cooks in their lives who prided themselves on their pot roasts. Will I do it again? I don't think they'll give me a choice...but when the weather cools down, please...LOL!
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Great review! I foresee a "second" career of food reviews coming after the teaching is done and gone...I am doing it in my spare time for the "local" newspaper up the road. It is nice having some of my travels to Des Moines and Ames for good food being a "write off."

Great review and the recipe is copied for later use.
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Thanks LJ, it's pretty easy when the dish turns out like you expect...LOL!

I just remembered one more recommended change. I will probably make extra effort to have shitake mushrooms next time. Not having them available very often, I don't think I've used them but once. If memory serves, it usually doesn't so correct me if need be, shitakes are "meatier" mushrooms and would withstand the long braising time. They are in there the full hour and 45 minutes. The button mushrooms all but disappeared. I might even add button mushrooms at the second veggie stage...we like those little suckers...LOL!
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