Taco Salad-REVIEW
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This recipe is from the new Sandwiches and Salads book. I would give this a 9, but William only gave it an 8. For a quick summer meal, that's cool and light, it's a winner. I WILL be making it again.

-I used a flat iron steak instead of the flank or skirt steak.
-I grilled the steak instead of cooking in a skillet. NO pots and pans to wash with this one.
-I made my own salsa...THANKS JEAN! And I did NOT puree it with oil! That would have been a crime against nature!
-I layered it in a compote instead of individual dishes.
-We consumed more chips than listed in the recipe, but if you've got a bag, there's no real change here.

Recommended changes:
-I liked all of the above changes and will keep them, except one.
-For presentation and ease of serving, I will probably use individul dishes for this next time.
-William did not really care for the avocado chunks, and I almost did this tonight...I will probably make an avocado mousse (see shrimp sushi parfait, but double).
-I really want to see how time consuming it is to make my own tortilla chips. I can't help but think it would be cheaper and taste better.

As Trixxee or HC mentioned in another thread, the sour cream mixture was the big winner in this! The spices were spot on! The meat being in slices was a little odd, when everything else was shredded...a mouth feel thing and minescule. I don't know if changing the layer order would help here. Other than that, this will be a repeat at my house. It is now housed in it's own plastic sleeve with the salsa recipe in the Tried and True notebook.

Oops, forgot the picture...such as it is. The one in the book is better...DUH!

[Image: c4d534cea592.jpg]
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That does look so good - I've added your notes to the book page.

Have you ever made corn or flour tortilla 'bowls' to serve the salads in? you can do it with oven proof bowls, but I have two metal fluted pans that I use (every kitchen should have these)

All you do is spray the container with cooking spray - if using a bowl, spray and drape the tortilla over the outside of the bowl. For my pan, I spray and nudge the tortillas in, then bake at 375F. for 8 to 10 min. Leave in/on pan for 5 minutes, then remove.

The flour tortilla bowls are really a great salad holder - corn makes the bowls smaller or you can lap two over and make kind of an oval bowl.
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GREAT idea Jean! I'll add that to my must have list! I've actually written it down. I WILL use my longevity check FOR ME this year. I love eating salad out of those!
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I made this salad last night...with a couple of modifications. I used leftover chicken instead of the steak, and I used leftover guacamole instead of the avocado slices. My family loved it and I would definitely make it again (and will try the steak next time...just trying to use up my leftovers!!). We loved the sour cream mixture, too.
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Fantastic ideas for using up leftovers! I'm always having to hurry and use salad before it goes bad and/or the meat that went with it! I'm gonna have to start keeping avocados and black beans on hand now.

I think having salsa and corn tortillas is going to be a given. I'm off now to TRY to roast some veggies to make some more salsa, as a matter of fact. I think I'll crank up the grill, it's just too hot in the house already! HE HE! The grill already reads 200 degrees, and I haven't lit it yet! It's been 99 today and NO breeze.
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