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before I break something! Luckily YS, Andrew is at work right now! I've already screamed at William over the phone thinking he was the culprit. Apparently, Andrew is smart enough not to answer the phone until I cool off!!!

Yesterday, one of my goals was to make another NY Cheesecake. DD and her BF didn't get any, and one of the girls at the grocery store missed out twice on treats I took up there.

Well, the cheese cake was gorgeous. I put ALL the batter in my pan and it was going to be so tall and marvelous. Right before dinner, I lifted the roasting pan out of the oven and set it across the sink. (FIRST mistake...don't know what I was thinking) Then, I carefully lifted the cheesecake from the water, trying not to get my hot pads into the HOT water. (I think I now see the benifit of the silicone gloves.) This cheesecake is REALLY heavy and I asked Andrew to stay put in case I needed him. I had intended for him to remove the foil from the springform before I set it down. Well, it was too heavy and I didn't have a good grip and as I moved it over the sink to the counter beside it, it slipped out of my hands. Some of the top slid out into my sink.

I was heartbroken. Andrew gladly scooped up what hit the sink into a bowl (I had just done dishes and it was pretty clean, and he's not very discerning when it comes to cheesecake.). Well, it looked bad, but not INEDIBLE. So I accepted what I could not change with grace. Right before bed, I could not bring myself to remove the springform pan and see the worst of the damage, so I just put it in the fridge as is.

This morning as I got my coffee, I decided I was prepared to see the damage. I needed to cut the pieces for the girl at the store, and I had promised some to the lady that's giving me blueberries today. When I looked in the fridge, I discovered SOMEBODY had taken a spoon and scraped around the top of the cheesecake, scooping out spoonfuls! I was mortified. There was murder in my eye!

When I get my hands on that kid, I'm going to BEAT THE TAR OUT OF HIM!!!!! He'd be better off calling me back and letting me vent my spleen over the phone where I can't do bodily harm!!!!!

OK, thank you for listening to my story. Now, I'm off to pick blueberries, run a few errands (including picking up 7 more packs of cream cheese....argggg!), roasting veggies, braiding onions, and getting my Ropa Vieja going so it can meld overnight. BTW, if anyone has any suggestions for removing a cheesecake from the water bath, I'm all ears...well, eyes! I'll get us started:

-NEVER remove a cheesecake from a water bath over a sink. It's a long way down. If you loose your grip, it doesn't have as far to go if you do it over the counter.
-Use silicon mitts, so you can get a good grip on your cheesecake without worrying about getting your hands in the hot water.
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OMG, Daphne...all that probably brot on a hot flash also!!

finally a good reason to buy some of those sillicone gloves - great idea.

Sure you don't just want to have Chinese take out tonight - for just you and William?????
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I feel your pain! I guess my family must have been conditioned some time ago by my rage over someone getting into the cake/pie/cookies/whatever it was... because whenever I bake, they'll ask first "Is this for us?" before taking any.
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You know, I just realized. That old roasting pan I use for this has those fold down wire "handles". OMG! WHY OH WHY!!!

I WOULD NOT eat local chinese take out...LOL! They load it with MSG, and I'm not sure I trust their food.

Besides, Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings are too easy and so yummy! It's been a while, but I feel the need to spluge. Have you guys ever looked at the calories on these things?!?!?!

HC, you were typing with me...LOL! I think he figured he'd level it out...and it was screwed up already. But, but...I was going to take the dental floss to it and take off the top...It wouldn't have taken much. And when sliced, it wouldn't have looked so bad. But now.....

At least this time, I'm armed with a plan so I won't drop it...even without silicon mitts. And I'm taking precautions this time in case that old insert doesn't hold. But I'm still gonna get the mitts.
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Daphne I feel for you!!

Ok...I checked my bank account..I have enough for bail.
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If you don't sweetie, let us know . Having to put up bail sucks, just ask me, I've been there a couple of times. Most of the time I should have just let him sit!
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Thanks for the support you guys! I'll let you know about the bail. The longer time goes by, the safer he'll be.

The little monster still hasn't called me back. I did manage to doctor the thing. It's half as tall, but edible. It's amazing what dental floss can be used for in the kitchen. I felt better about sharing some with my blueberry friend, and the little girl at the store is expecting hers today also.

So I'm gonna go with it. I didn't buy any more cream cheese. Ashley can wait until the next one to get the full effect. I hate it though, 'cause Andrew is the reason they didn't get any of the last one. And her BF's mother makes one that they think is the best. I really wanted them to be impressed...OH WELL!
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Daphne, I know how frustrating these mishaps are. Sometimes I just want to go back to bed and cry like a baby. I still haven't found a cure for temporary rage, but if you do, make sure you share. I read this Maxine joke that said, "Ever notice that the people who are always telling you to calm down.. are the ones that got you mad in the first place?"

I smiled to myself about the BF's mother thinking her cheesecake is the best. My monster-in-law, oops, I mean mother-in-law, actually titles her cheesecake recipe "Worlds best Cheesecake recipe". I am pretty sure it just comes out of the Betty Crocker cookbook too.

Keep your chin up and go have a Guiness!

Big hugs from me

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I read this Maxine joke that said, "Ever notice that the people who are always telling you to calm down.. are the ones that got you mad in the first place?"

This is GREAT! I needed that, thanks! I think I need to make a poster out of that quote and post it somewhere...everywhere!
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I have a cure for temporary rage - actually 2; murder and bourbon on the rocks . . . or a martini, or a bottle of wine! We'll take up a collection for your bail if necessary! And we'll all testify for you in court. Justifiable homicide!
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