need side ideas for Bulgogi
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I am having guests for dinner this Saturday and I want to make that Bulgogi again. I think it is my absolute fav at this point, tho the Jambalaya on the Grill is very close. Last time I made it with the rice vermicelli and really did not like it. I am thinking Jasmine rice, but not sure if it will go well. Any suggestions? I know Daphne and Labs do Bulgogi, what do you serve with it?

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I usually do corn on the cob, fried rice, or baked potato (stuffed or otherwise) and a salad or stir fry veggies. I like to let the bulgogi be the main event and keep the sides simple. The same I would do for a really good steak. That's my two cents.

On the other hand, Labs is more of the expert on the authentic recipe. I just got the recipe for Korean Beef from a friend many years ago. I'll never was the first time we went to their house for dinner. Holly yelled at Randy on his way out the door to the grill..."Remember, I want mine mooing!" I didn't find out that it was actually called Bulgogi until recent years.

Edited to add after rereading your review : How are you doing the meat and what cut are you using? I would marinate overnight this time though...especially if you're doing the meat whole. Are you doing the pickled veggies? If not, Jean has an Asian Coleslaw on here somewhere and I've also used the old Chinese Cabbage with the ramen noodles, nuts and seeds. Forgot about that one.
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In the recipe that I use, it says to serve it with sticky rice and:

Korean people eat this dish with red leaf lettuce filled with rice and meat. Other items to eat with bulgogi (Korean beef stir-fry) are Korean spicy pepper paste, Korean bean paste, sesame oil mixed with salt, sliced garlic and raw green onions. These are optional and are usually placed in the lettuce leaf along with the rice and beef.

That doesn't say much about real sides, but at least gives some general ideas.

Other than that, this is not something that I've put together with anything else as a big meal, since I've only ever made it for myself (since I'm single) or to take to a pot-luck dinner (where there are already plenty of other things).

With that in mind, I just did a quick search, and found this page, where people opine about their favourite Korean side dishes - a discussion that could give you ideas. Also, I found this page, which has links to recipes for a few of the things mentioned on that other page. Of course, kimchi is one of the main things listed, but that is very much an acquired taste, and probably best not served for guests (unless they are Korean). Also, kimchi usually must sit a few days as part of the recipe, so it's something that should be made without such short notice. The chapchae (stir-fried Korean noodles) sounds good but, of course, would be adding another starch if you're already having the sticky rice with the bulgogi.

Good luck, and have fun!
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Thank you Daphne and Labs! I think I will be taking ideas from both. Like serving it with rice in the leaf lettuce and since it is so good at the moment, making corn on the cob one of the sides.

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Korean style salads are small amounts in small bowls that the diners share. It looks like this photo I found from a Korean restaurant review. We hosted a Korean university student who took us to a local Korean restaurant. I have no idea what we ate, only that it was all very good!
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Labs was right on with the sticky rice and I would have to add in doing a "baby" vegetable "stir fry" with the baby ears of corn, carrots, snow pea pods, pearl onions,etc. Maybe tossed with a Korean "hot sauce" or the like. That is how a good friend serves it at his little store/snack bar in Concord, New Hampshire. Actually, it is his wife's recipe as she does all of the cooking. They are a great Korean couple with a cute little store...I miss them.
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