Brats with Apple Kraut Review
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We meant to by Italian Sausage from the vendor at the Farmer's Market last weekend and realized we had brats when we got home. I usually by Usingers brats in 5# packs at Sam's and have been very happy with them. The Farmer's brats were just as good - although more expensive.

I tried the Apple Kraut and Dipping sauce from Weeknight Grilling for these brats. I've always precooked my brats for the grill as the book recommends. I had to go to several stores to find the Sweet Pepper Relish -- cost $3.50 for a 12 oz jar! As I contemplated my purchase I decided I'd probably spent that much already in gas trying to find it, I might as well get it. I'm not a big relish fan in general, but this stuff is good! For the dipping sauce, you use the relish with honey and yellow mustard. Jean posted a recipe for homemade pepper relish that looked good and I'll add it to my never ending list of recipes I want to try. The apple kraut was also very good and a nice complement to the brats.

We've enjoyed all of the grilling recipes we've tried from both new and newer grilling cookbooks this summer.
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Your review is copied and tucked in the Grill book! This does sound like a tasty dinner!
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William LOVES kraut. I'll add your notes to the recipe.
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