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Hi all! I am so sorry I have not yet had the chance to visit here much. You are all such a friendly group--I want to get the opportunity to spend some more time here getting to know everyone!!!!!

I have been really busy getting ready to open my own bakery. It is a dream come true for me. My husband and I just returned from Halifax where we purchased the bulk of our equipment. I could not believe the generosity of spirit of other bakery owners. Many of them pointed me to extremely good sales and deals that were not listed anywhere. Other bakery owners invited me into their shops and homes and literally GAVE me things to get me started. It was completely overwhelming.

The space I am leasing for the bakery will be renovated beginning next week. It's all so exciting and scary!!!! We plan to be open for business mid October. My Mom is coming for two weeks to be here to help me.

So, now we're trying to figure out names. My friend Charlene came up with Something Sweet Dessert Cafe and Bakery. I like that. We had thought about Jumpin' Jacks Dessert Cafe and Bakery after our two beautiful Jack Russell terriers. So far nothing has stuck. My product line is primarily upscale European style desserts, breads, and pastries as well as some artisanal baking. Any and all suggestions for names are welcome.

Anyway--just wanted to share my good news!!!
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Oh how exciting and scary for you!!! And what a lot of work you are in for, but a labor of love it will be.

Having to come up with names for 3 or 4 things in the past, it seems like just as I needed it, the perfect name came into my'll come and be exactly what you want.

good luck and you know where to come if you need any testers for new products!!
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Welcome!! How about Two Jacks Sweet Shoppe?
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OH Debbie! I'm so excited for you! I'll be thinking about it as well. So are you going to go with a lunch menu as well as the bakery? Since you mentioned cafe in both names, I wasn't sure.

Good luck and I'll be thinking of you. I know it will be great! I can't believe you're finally going to get to open your own place!
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Huge congrats, Debbie! It's been a long time coming. Sure wish I could get down your way.
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Wow! Congrats!
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What's in a name! Probably one of the more difficult parts of opening the business. Simple names seem to do best, IMO. Such as one already taken... Panera.

Como se dice pan en otro linguas?

Keep us posted on your adventure.
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OH, gosh, that it is so exciting!!!!! Congratulations - wish I lived closer -
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Como se dice pan en otro linguas?

English: Bread
Spanish: Pan
Japanese: Pan
French: Pain
German: Brot
Italian: Pane
Greek: Psomi
Dutch: Brood
Portuguese: Pão
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Congratulations! Oh the excitement in your house must be at 1000%!

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