Olympic Ceremonies
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Man, I'm sure glad the U.S. does not have to follow that one!!! Canada will have to really put on a show. What a fun night of the most amazing technology and synchronization (can't think of any other word) I've ever seen. It was just spectacular.

Especially the part where it looked like keyboard keys being depressed so smoothly and under those 'keys' were humans moving like that. Unbelievable.
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We don't have to worry about the atmosphere igniting in Canada.
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I only got to watch a bit of it (Canada entering the stadium ). Great stuff.
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It was amazing! Thos printing cubes, and the drums, were fantastic. I let the kids stay up to watch some of it. Luckily my Father in Law has dish on New York time - so we watched part of it earlier (The middle) and watched the begining on our time - not too late for the kids.

We are very excited to see some of the competitions. I do have to say the NBCOlympics web site is not very user friendly for finding out when things are on.
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I was really impressed! The technology that they used in conjunction with the human element was spectacular I recorded it so I could watch it again.

The only negative thing I would have to say was, I wish the commentators would shut up! They have this constant need to feel they need to explain every detail and ended up talking over a lot of the music and taking away from the feel of the silence followed by the drums. The way the Chinese intended it to be. Yin/Yang
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The 2008 Tai Chi (sp) Masters were unbelieveable to me. There are no words to describe them.

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I was very impressed with the entire ceremonies. I feel sorry for the planners in London trying to match that in four years. I loved the space exploration part and even the lighting of the torch was impressive.
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This is what socialist countries do best--private enterprise cannot justify that kind of expense for ego satisfaction. The dependant class suffers.
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I haven't watched a minute of the Olympics. Just haven't been drawn in. Even though my city has a connection to at least two athletes there, yet still I'm not compelled to watch. I feel rather unpatriotic because I used to really follow the games when I was younger.

Side note ... All of our Chinese students from Beijing arrived a little early in the US. They told us they were made to leave the city to make more room.
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The more I hear about the opening ceremonies, the madder I get! I wasn't feeling well, so didn't watch it. I saw an interview with the Choreographer today and it just made it worse!
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