Son #1 is married!!
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Just got home from the wedding. The food was great, chicken cordon blue, mashed and dilled carrots, and a really good salmon pie en croute - (And I don't even like salmon). Here's a pic of the Murphy contingency.

[Image: DSCN1016.jpg]

The cake was made by the 14 yr old cousin of my daughter in law!

[Image: DSCN1002.jpg]

It's been a busy month, it was a great day and I'm glad it's over!!

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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE HAPPY COUPLE!!!! It sounds like everything turned out great and you all had a very happy day. Now you can look forward to the best part, GRANDBABIES!!!

Thanks for sharing your happy news. The cake is beautiful.

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Congratulations PJ!!!! One down, 2 to go...LOL!

It's hard to believe a 14 year old made the cake...cute!!!!
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Oh PJ congrats to you all And I LOVE the cake.

I'm so glad you shared the pictures with us

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PJ, what wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I bet you are ready to sit back, and relax for a week or so anyway.

Is that you in the picture? What a beautiful dress and such handsom men!

And what a fun cake. Such and undertaking for a young girl. I bet she was proud, and I see the color of the flower girls dress coming through. Hope you can share a picture of her in it.
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Congratulations!!! Jane and I have four "kids"--aged 29, 38, 38, and 42--my 38 year old daughter is married with my only 2 grandchildren-- no one else has a prospect!! I have no other grandchildren that I know of. I am looking forward to more!!
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...and the dynasty begins, PJ - great pictures.
Let's see - 8 kids, 14 grandchildren, 4 1/3 great-granchildren....but, who's counting.

Congratulations - and great pictures.
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Such a lovely family! Congratulations!

I think that wedding cake is just delightful, and beautiful! I am really impressed.

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A 14 yr old made that cake??? I'm impressed! Congratulations and great pictures!
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Congratulations! The pictures are great and the cake is adorable. I cannot believe a 14 year old made it! WOW!
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