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Hubby and I went to southwestern Michigan to spend some time with our daughter who lives in Colorado. SIL's family has a cottage in Harbert so we went there for the weekend. SIL planned the weekend and invited his family and friends, so there were about 25 people there. Saturday night was lots of drinking and story telling around the fire pit, Sunday was beach day and late afternoon Hubby, daughter and I went wine tasting at a couple of the local wineries.

The first place we tried - Tabor Hill - we thought was just okay... Then we tried Round Barn Winery which we liked better, then finally, we tried Round Barn's sister winery, Free Run Cellars last. We thought it was the best of the three places we tried. There we bought a bottle of their Cherry wine that had just won some prizes. It was really kind of tart and I'm trying to come up with how to use it with cooking. I think it would be good reduced with/on something chocolate... All together, we bought 14 bottles of different wines we liked ....

The Round Barn Winery makes a vodka based on grapes called DiVine Vodka. It was really smooth. I tried it in a Vodka martini with peach and cranberry wines. Yummm! We didn't buy it because we just aren't that into vodkas.

Also, in my quest to find a local cookbook, I finally found a copy of 100 Potlucks book which was a fund raiser for Ibrahim Parlak who was jailed and the government is trying to deport him. It's an interesting story how the community rallied around him. We were told that there will be a movie made about his ordeal. Ibrahim has a restaurant in Harbert that the kids really enjoy and we tried to get lunch there on Monday and couldn't because the restaurant wasn't open for lunch that day.

It was a fun little getaway - always good too spend time with my oldest daughter - we will try to get back up that way again.
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What a great sounding experience! Soon, VERY soon...I can almost see it!
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Jeanette, I do a pear-port reduction that we love over a fruit platter with a little parm sprinkled over. I don't see why you couldn't do the same with a cherry wine - as long as it wasn't aged in oak, which I'm guessing it was not.

Your getaway sounds like a really good time - it's fun spending time with your kids individually after they've grown up, isn't it?
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Sounds like a wonderful time!
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it's fun spending time with your kids individually after they've grown up, isn't it?

Yes it is! This child was a handful and a half. It's a wonder I had any more children after her!
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Sounds like a great time. Especially the winery part. I'm hoping to visit some (there are lots in the area) when I move.
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