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Theresa (AKA Chef_Tab) was sooo sweet and welcomed me home today with a special private message. Thanks again, Theresa! I was about to go to sleep when I thought of a part of her message...something about me enjoying my gourmet lunch and looking over my magazines to decide about dinner). I do that a most days during the school year! I then put this with requests we've had recently about recipes "holding" in the fridge or freezer. I think this would be a cool thing to add here.

If you have frozen or refrigerated and reheated a meal, I think a review would be a good thing. Some of us...including not feel that comfortable freezing and reheating a meal. For example, I vacuum sealed a Mushroom Pork Marsala a few weeks ago and plan to reheat it in boiling water (sues vide?). I would think a revisit to the review to explain my freezing/reheating technique would be helpful to all. Failures and successes would be appreciated. That way we would know that something just did not hold well or had to be frozen or reheated a certain way to maintain the integrity of the dish.

What do you guys think?
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Great who is this and where is my Mom???
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I think it is a great idea Daphne. When you had mentioned you had frozen this, I was very curious how you had done it. Food saver, per serving, multiple servings? And how you were going to reheat it. So, let us know!
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The Mushroom Pork Marsala I cooked, chilled, and put in vacuum bag...froze, then sealed. I plan to put it in a pot of boiling water (again, sues vide?) and bring to temp while my noodles or rice and veggie cooks. I'll review how it worked out on the Mushroom Pork Marsala thread when I serve it again. I got the freeze and THEN seal from one of you guys! Like I said, holding, storing, and freezing ideas are SO least to me. And very soon, I will be cooking for two (plus one for lunch) and would greatly appreciate creative ideas for doing this that are easy. That and repurposing a meal. Some of you do this a lot already and thank you for that!
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I've only had my food saver a short while, but it is definately the best way to freeze a meal for later. I'm so hooked, it surprises me that I didn't buy one sooner.

Anyway, I like your idea and have had great success reheating meals. Jean (I think) told me to reheat in simmering water and it works out great. Would be even better if I had some timing guidelines.

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That's my problem too Maryann, heating it in simmering water works great, but for how long? I did this with meatloaf and it tasted/smelled/looked like I had just taken it out of the oven. The only problem seemed to be the skins coming off the bells after they'd been frozen. They stick to my upper denture and it takes a fingernail to get them off.
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Sounds like a helpful idea, Daphne - sometimes I have more fun with the leftovers...more of a challenge maybe.

I wish I could remember how much time I used to have my customer's plan for heating their pouches "in simmering water," frozen and/or thawed. Something like 20 min. for thawed and 45-50 min. for frozen.
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Billy is scougingly funny. I don't have dentures (yet) but am prepared now, for this or that situation. ;Þ

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