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Hello everyone...we leave the house at about 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning for Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines with Kambree for her cleft palate repair operation. It is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. and should take 3 to 5 hours to complete and then it is upstairs to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for a few days and then to the regular pediatric unit for a few days. We will have one of our laptops at the hospital and one at home for when I come home every night so I will keep everyone up to date with how she is doing.

This SHOULD be her last major operation until her bone graft to give her a top front jaw bone in another 9 or 10 years. We may have some dental and cosmetic operations in the next few years but this should be the last big one for several years if all goes well.

We know how special all of you are and how special your thoughts and prayers are so we just figured it wouldn't hurt to ask our friends here to keep Kambree in your thoughts one more time.

Updates coming late Tuesday...
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You and your family have gone thru so much--here's to the "good guys"--it's time for another positive conclusion---your time has come and will continue!!! I will speak to someone who has influence. Best, Bill
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Well said Bill! I think I know who you're talking to, and I speak to him daily. My cyber-family is a regular point in our conversation. Kambree and Billy are at the top of the list, but I haven't forgotten you, LJ! And Holly has a lot to go through, too. Bill and Jane are an honorable mention...THANKS! And Jean and Erin are dealing with nasty stuff right now...what's with that? Then there is Sharon's friend Francios...what is he thinking? But will pray he comes to his senses. Did I leave anybody out? If so, I am sorry. My cyber-family is precious...I wouldn't want to leave anybody out.

Funny, but serious story here. When William was talking with friends about his up coming brain surgery (2002, gosh has it really been 6 years ago?) a friend told him to be sure he made peace with his maker. He told me later, he panicked as he was rolling into surgery, heavily drugged, so he asked God to forgive him for everything. It worked out. So now I have included this "blanket" coverage for you all..."Please watch over and care for my cyberfamily."
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all good thoughts coming your family's way, LJ.
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You can count on lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way, LJ. Our wonderful forum friends "stayed with me" all through my grandbaby's surgery last summer. I will never, ever, forget the comfort it brought me that day as we paced the floors waiting for updates from the nurses.
We will all be anxiously waiting to hear from you.


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LJ, you and Kambree and Holly are all in our prayers. I'll say special prayers again for you all tonight.

And, I will say prayers for all you - echoing Daphne here!

Our "other" Bill emailed Bob yesterday - he won't be going to Florida; FEMA has called him up for duty in Louisianna for Gustav. I'm hoping Francois will get the idea that this is the wrong time to go sailing.
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thoughts and prayers will be with you and yours
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My Prayers are with you, Holly and most especially little Kambree. Won't it be wonderful to have all this behind you. And it just sounds like she has been such a little trouper through it all.
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Hoping for a very smooth procedure for little Kambree and peace for LJ and Holly.
My heart is with you,
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Aaaah LJ my friend, you all will definitely be in my prayers. Isn't it wondrous what they can do these days?
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