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First they put it in "fine print" on the bottom of the "Main Index" page and then it is put in a list in a thread on birthdays and you know what we all did with it put right in our faces???

We forgot that Coco Hernandez is having a BIRTHDAY! Right now, right here and in less than an hour those of you on the East Coast will have missed it!

Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day filled with the love and joy that birthdays are meant to be full of! I also hope no body else missed the "fine print"!!!
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Well Happy Birthday Coco! I'll add my best wishes and hopes that you had a GREAT DAY!
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Happy Birthday Coco! Hope you had a wonderful day full of good surprises. We will want to hear all about it.


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I hope you had a wonderful day, Coco, Happy Birthday!!

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Thank you very much! Yes, I had a wonderful day. My DD took me out to China Town for a wonderful lunch. Sunday is the only day that I really get to see her due to my work schedule and her school schedule. I don't post very much because I just don't have time to cook these days and feel that I have nothing to contribute, but I come here everyday because I love all of you guys and I love the mag. Plus, I am a little shy. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!
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Happy late birthday, Brenda!! Glad you could share it with your daughter.
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A belated happy birthday Brenda. It sounds like you spent in doing what you wanted, which is always nice.
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Happy late birthday too! Hope it was great.
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I am adding my Belated Happy Birthday! Do like we do, have a birthday week! Well that's what my husband tries. Glad to hear you had such a nice day with your daughter.
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Glad you enjoyed your special day!!! Don't be shy!!!

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