Looking for a salsa recipe to can
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I make a pretty mean fresh salsa, but I am looking for a recipe that is tried and true to preserve. I am pretty sure somebody out there must be canning their own salsa and would be willing to share!
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I used to have a 'winter' salsa that I canned. I think it came from Carla Emory's book (can't get at it at the moment) but I think the only thing I did was use drained, canned tomatoes along with all the other seasonings and canned this.

It's not a nice crisp salsa like 'summer' salsa, but tastes darn good. Guess it would almost be a 'taco sauce' - kind of.

I never had the room for freeze it, but I wonder if the texture would be closer to fresh by doing it that way?
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If your salsa has only the basic tomato, onion, pepper, combo in it, Linda; then couldn't it be canned in the same manner as tomatoes? As in put in hot canner bath, bring to a boil and cool to seal? Seems like the acid in the tomatoes would keep everything safe.'
When we can up salsa verde, we add a bit of vinegear but thats because the tomatillos and the cilantro don't have the preserving power (acid level) of the toms. Just a thought.
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