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Hey all... Since we got back from our short trip to Boston and back to campus to start the new semester I got out of the swing of checking in here. Been thinking about you all and just took some time to read a few recent posts. Everyone seems to be okay and Kambree made it through a big surgery... I'll find time to catch up on everyone over the next few days. There's a lot to read!!!

I've been wanting to share our dining experiences in Boston with you all. We enjoyed everything we tried at the suggestion of some friends who used to live there.

Thursday we had dinner at Figs and had a constructed salad with green beans & roasted peppers, and a pizza. Enjoyed it! Call ahead for a table if you go.

Friday, we were pure tourists. Ended up eating Greek food from Quincy Market for lunch and checked out Mike's Pastry mid afternoon but didn't order anything because we didn't want to spoil our dinner plans. We met SIL and her family at Laurel's Bar & Grill for dinner. I had the Pre Fixe of Shrimp Risotto, Steak with Blue Cheese and veges and Key Lime dessert.

Saturday we picked up our son from camp in NH and then the pièce de résistance - dinner at Blue Ginger. Chef Ming was there and came out to meet us because our son asked if he could have his menu. Ming spent a bit of time talking to us and I took a photo of him with our son. (Need to get that uploaded.) We shared two appies... Ming’s Tea-Smoked Salmon & Beef Carpaccio with Fresh Wasabi Emulsion and Shiitake-Leek Springrolls with Three Chile Dipping Sauce. My entree was Mom’s Famous Three Vinegar Sautéed Organic Shrimp, Son had Sake-Miso Marinated Alaskan Butterfish and Hubby had Asian Lacquered Poussin with Tamarind-Hoisin Sauce. We shared two desserts - Key Lime Tart with Toasted Meringue and the Sesame Macadamia Caramel Nut Tart and a bottle of wine - Craggy Range, Sauvignon Blanc. Very good all around... great service and great food!

Sunday we went to Fenway and Chicago won - we were happy it was a friendly crowd... then we had burgers at Rattlesnake Bar & Grill.

Happy to be home and getting back to my routine that will include checking in here!
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What a great sounding trip! I'm glad you had a good time, but glad you're back! I was wondering where you had been!
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WOW!!! Sounds like a foodies dream trip! Dinner at Blue Ginger sounds divine. I'm drooling just from your descriptions.

Welcome back - pictures please!
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Good lord Blue Ginger sounds wonderful. I should have never opened this thread - I had a molar extracted today and am STARVING. LOL.

Sounds like a wonderful trip!
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Welcome back, HC! Wondered where you have been, but then kind of figured that you had been busy with school.

Your trip sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for telling us all about it. Blue Ginger, especially, just had to be the best. I used to watch Ming on TV all the time and always loved his methods and presentation. And he seems so genuine too. How great that you got to meet him in person. Can't wait to see your pics!

If you have the time and are intersted, the book club is reading "When French Women Cook" by Madeleine Kamman. I got mine yesterday from for $3.49 and free shipping. The book looks new.


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So nice to hear you had a great time in Boston. Sounds like it was very yummy mmmmm
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Now I am homesick...I miss the Boston area so much! It was just starting to bloom to near NYC status when I left in '05. As for the "WrongSox" beating my "BoSox" I just hope your team makes the playoffs...WE DID!

Glad your trip went well and hope to see you around here more soon!
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Wonderful dishes from Todd English - couldn't resist copying a few...

Those cannoli look good enough to order! Laurel's Bar & Grill - great reading menu!

"Wild Boar Sausage “con Arepa y Huevo”
Grilled Wild Boar and Cranberry Sausage served with a Fried Corn Cake and Sunny Side-Up Quail Egg" - oh my, I'll take four orders of this from the Rattlesnake place!!

What a fun trip you did have!!
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I want to live at the Rattlesnake place!!! Oh my - I'd have to get out the 8 man tent again though.

Why didn't I click on those links yesterday???
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I understand you're back from Hiatus, but excuse me for asking, Where the heck is Hiatus?
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