Oven Door Went Kaboom
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The ribs were in the oven, I was in the den going through cookbooks, when I heard this gawdawful KABOOM from the kitchen. We both ran into the kitchen, looked around, couldn't see anything. He said he thought the noise came from the oven. When I opened the oven door, I noticed a crack in the outside glass. Then I noticed that the middle pane of glass was in shards. The inside pane is still intact. The oven has been dying a slow death for awhile. we were hoping it would last until we sell the house, but now I think it's dead. Not sure if it will hold the heat anymore, or if it's even safe to use it. couldn't come at a worse time. I have a biga on the go for ciabatta tonight. I have to make about 200 each of muffins and mini quiches for a bake sale at work. I also volunteered to make about 150 halloween cookies for a block party. I wanted everything done and frozen before I leave for VA next Wednesday. I'm glad you folks piosted all those soup recipes!!!
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Oh, no! You may want to check Craigslist for an oven, since you are selling the house anyway! Or possible even the Sears scratch and dent. But if you go the Sears route, make sure you are well informed cuz the deals aren't always that good. Maybe a neighbor will let you borrow their oven?

You sure have your work cut out. That is a lot of baking in your future.

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Never heard of the glass in an oven door doing that. What a disaster! Hope everything works out for you!
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Wow, that would startle the h*ll out of you! Glad some of the layers of glass held. Time for all the appliances to give up the ghost when they get the vibes their house is about to be sold... (it's a conspriacy)
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Gosh, I'll bet that was a scary sound - sorry that happened to you, Lorraine - hope you can call on a neighbor for your ton of baking - sending along an oven/baking fairy ` `
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OMG!! That would scare the living c**p out of me! Doesn't it just figure!

Craig's list is a good idea, that's where I found mine, and I just love it. I know down here there are lots and lots of appliances for sale - must have to do with people losing their homes - but there are some serious bargains.
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At least nobody got hurt and none of the glass got into what you were cooking.
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What a disaster! Come on down and use my kitchen, we can ***** the baked goods overnight delivery.
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Oh, how terrible!

I don't know what the economy is/was around your area. But they have some resale stores in more middle to upscale areas where the homeowners are upgrading from the contractors standard appiances to nice ones, and those perfectly good standard ones are being sold usually with very little use. Hey, Laura, what did you do with yours?
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Gosh Lorraine, hope you find a suitable replacement and quick!
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