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Jane is fine--she has an infection and they have delayed her surgery for 3-4 weeks--right now let's pray for Jean and family--
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Thanks for the update Bill. I hate that you guys have to wait. But you know, I've got the time (and so does William) to include you two AND Jean's family in our prayers. Please keep us informed.

William has been such a supporter of you guys since he heard of Jane's condition. He has been as much a part of the cheering section as I have. But I can not tell you how upset he was when he heard of Jean's niece. I can assure you, there will be some special prayers going up for her tonight and every morning until her recovery.
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Here's to the infection clearing up soon, Bill.
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Love and prayers from Roy and me also.
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My prayers continue for you and Jane.
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Bill, Bob and I will keep you and Jane in our prayers. We're hoping for a speedy recovery from the infection and clear sailing from there on!

Jean, you and Roy and your family are in our prayers too!
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