Frozen seeds? (aka hindsight is 20/20)
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A while back, I posted a message about how elated I had been that a local supermarket had gotten some Serrano Chiles. Since they are so rare here, I bought a couple of pounds of them, and froze them (no special processing - just ZipLoc bags).

No, with 20/20 hindsight, I wonder if the seeds from those frozen peppers would still grow, so that I could actually harvest my own Serranos.

Quite a number of you have experience with gardening, so I'll ask you: Are such frozen seeds still usable for planting and growing new plants? If so, is there anything special that should be done to improve their chances?

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I've never used frozen seeds before, but I would certainly give it a try. I would place them in between dampened paper towels in a warm place away from the sun for a few days. ( (The top of the fridge works for me) This will usually help them sprout. Good luck.
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Oh man, great minds and all that crap - I was going to say the same thing, Lorraine!!
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