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Well, I certainly was not help whatsoever to my sister for the first five minutes of my visit yesterday!!! I have never seen a little body in such bad shape in my life. I could barely see her for all the bruises and casts and bindings, it was so pitiful. Her nose was broken so of course her entire face is swollen and discolored - I just can't get this out of my mind. thank God she is still unconscious.

The story so far is a gal lost control of her car that was "only going 25 miles an hour" (horsepuckie) and her car glanced off a tree and then hit Susie. But strangely enough Susie was found under her car and the tree (about 18-20" across) was uprooted, so 25 miles an hour? don't think so. And, surprise - no insurance!

Thankfully, it was the Fire Chief who came upon Susie first and detected the slightest pulse and went right to work and she was whisked to one of the finest hospitals in the area within 20 minutes - in rush hour traffic!! How that was accomplished is a miracle and she had 5 medics working on her the whole way.

She is still unconscious after a week - the longer this lasts the less good it looks for complete recovery. But, she's already showing what a fighter she is, so...

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
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Oh Jean, I wish there was a way to comfort you, and your sisiter. Sounds like she got and is getting excellent care, I do hope she fully recovers poor little dear.
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Jean, I was just thinking of her last night and wondering how things were going. I am so sorry this had to happen. Maybe it is for the best she is unconscious. It may be her body's way to handle the pain and stress. Surely God is watching over this special gal. I will keep her and your family in my prayers. Sending you a big hug.

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Thanks for the update--I've been wondering about her. Maybe the sleep is sparing her the pain while the body is recovering--I try to choose the positive aspects and many times I'm right !!!
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Well, I finally searched correctly and found the newspaper article that my sister saw and just knew it was Susie after she read about the carrying around a cup of coffee.

SUV hits pedestrian in Everett
Woman taken to Seattle hospital with serious injuries
By Katya Yefimova
Herald Writer
EVERETT -- A woman was hospitalized with life-¬threatening injuries Friday afternoon after she was struck by a sport utility vehicle in south Everett.

Witnesses said the woman was thrown through the air and was seen beneath the SUV. The truck also struck and a knocked over a small tree.

"She was under the truck. There was a lot of blood over there," said Oscar Rodriguez, who arrived just after the accident happened.

Police hadn't released the victim's identity Friday evening. She is described as a being in her 50s and living in the neighborhood, Snohomish County sheriff's Lt. Ty Trenary said.

He said the woman suffered life-threatening injuries and was taken to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Her condition was not known as of late Friday night.

Police responded just after 4 p.m. to the accident near a strip mall in the 12900 block of Eighth Avenue W.

Investigators believe a woman driving a Nissan Pathfinder pulled out of a neighborhood onto Eighth Avenue W. and struck the pedestrian.

The driver was not cited at the scene.

Rodriguez, who was picking up his mother from work at the strip mall nearby, said he used to live in a nearby apartment complex and recognized the victim.

"She was always walking around with a cup of coffee," he said.

Rodriguez said his mother, who was standing several feet away with a group of co-¬workers, saw the woman thrown through the air and land beneath the vehicle.

Investigators closed off several blocks of the road for several hours, and dozens of people had to be detoured to their homes.

Several people gathered at the strip mall in the late afternoon waiting for the road to open so they could gain access to their neighborhood.

thanks again for your good toughts.
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Thank you for the update...we too had been wondering. Holly asked last night if you had posted any more.

I must agree with all that have commented on the sleep being a response to the pain the mind would have tolerate if she were conscious. As she heals physically I am sure the mind and personality that you all know and love will come back. The article shows the neighborhood seems to know your niece as well...
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I was hoping to find an update on Susie this morning... prayers continue for her, her family and the medical team.
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Oh Jean! I will echo everyone here - this must be so difficult for you and the family.

Not certain on this, but are the doctors keeping her sedated? It's sometimes the best course so that the body can rest deeply and recover without pain and the mental anguish she must be suffering. Hopefully it is a good sign and with time she will recover fully and have very little memory of the trauma.

Our thoughts and prayers continue with her. And, big HUGS to you and your family!
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My thoughts and prayers contiue to be with Susie and your family Jean.
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Oh, Jean, my heart goes out to you and your family and Susie and her family - thoughts and prayers going up for all -

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