Road Trip - Heading West
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Kids these days, just when you think you have them settled!

It seems that the job in Indiana has not panned out like Chelsea expected . . . as in they have decided they cannot afford to pay her what they promised in the interview. Go figure!! Chels has decided that she is not going to let grass grow under her feet and has made contact with her chef back in Yosemite.

She is coming home next week, repacking EVERYTHING and we are headed west. As long as I am doing this I figure I should make the most and see some sites on the way. So I am going to try to hook up with LJ on the way to Mount Rushmore (makes sense, right, he's just as important as 4 dead guys on a mountain face!!)

Plans are to hit the biggies - Rushmore, Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, might as well make real tourists of ourselves. Any other suggestions, anybody in those general areas that we can grab a cup of coffee with and a hug?

Why am I feeling like Thelma and Louise?
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Plans are to hit the biggies - Rushmore, Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, might as well make real tourists of ourselves.

I've never been in those areas, but a friend of mine visited the Grand Canyon, etc. and told me that, although the Grand Canyon is big, Bryce Canyon is much more beautiful. Other people have expressed the same feelings when I have told them his assessment.
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Was lucky enough to have a dad that spent all winter planning camping vacations when we were children. So I have been to many of these places, Bryce and Zion included, but I was probably 10 years old at the time and the memories are vague. But I DO remember spending the night in a campground in one of the two of those places (100 degrees out) with mom making something incredibly nasty that involved canned chili. At some point during the meal a bear appeared and we all abandoned the table and ran to the safety of the car. The bear apparently did not hold the same opinion of the chili that we did since he polished it off!

Funny the things you DO remember from childhood!

I'm trying to look at the maps now and plan a route, so I will appreciate any and all suggestions. I figure I have about 2 weeks if I work it right.
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Thelma and Louise - just be darn careful around those canyons!!! What a fun trip for you both. We lived close to Yosemite for years, wish we were still around to be able to see you on your trip.

The lodges are wonderful in/around Yosemite - what a fun place it will be to work. Finger's crossed this works out.
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That's a great adventure... I Love Yosemite! Much better scenery than anywhere in Indiana!

Your route is a zigzag across the west. Grand Canyon is in Arizona - a "fer piece" from the Dakotas, although very beautiful. We vacationed there just last summer.

Maybe go through Rocky Mountain National Park on your way west. My daughter got married in Estes Park, so of course I have a particular fondness for that place.

Please keep a travel log - photos and all - and share when you have a chance.
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What a great opportunity! I hope things work out for Chelsea. After just reading LJ's post, I'm wondering if your trip may be cut short. Looks like he may be needing some help...LOL!
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Have a great time!!
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We'll be here...just let us know when and we will try to get a certain baby to make a cameo appearance as well...know that one will get a certain Gammy wound up!
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We aren't too far from Yosemite - about 3 hours from Half Dome to our place. (2 hrs. 49 minutes) We love to see you if you can get out this way. Depending on when you could come we might be able to arrange a sail on the Delta - or ?????? Wine tasting around here is great too!
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Well, Sharon, given what you have in front of you, I would truly hate to impose with a visit. But I will keep in touch and see how you are making out with the move. I would love to be able to hook up. Chels is going to have to drive me to (I am guessing) Fresno or Sacremento, since last I heard, Merced airport was closing.

On the way down from Yellowstone I am hoping to maybe get in touch with bbally and see if we could stop in for a cup of coffee. I learned so much from him and his posts on C2C I would like to meet him in person.

I am busy working on AAA trip tiks online, but it is truly a challenge trying to do this with dial-up. May have to settle in at the library.

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