A Future Generation, Culinarily
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Forgive me, but sometime when you deal with the situation with Susie, you look to the future and what may be a positive developement, somewhere, anywhere!!!My four year old grandchild was balking over eating his hotdog--removed the wiener and played with it--he noticed a small bowl of decent olive oil, asked what it was, took out the wiener and finished the bun in the olive oil--(we we were having paninis)--I swear that young man has some of my genes!!! Extra Virgin Olive Oil--nectar of the gods.

Jean & Roy, be at peace and be well, we are with you--Susie is in Good Hands.
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My 13 yo nephew is taking what we called Home Economics in High School. His birthday (14) is Friday and he asked me for a good saucepan. That's what I got him.
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Oh my, I love these kinds of stories!!!

When my youngest son, Matt, was in Jr. High he started making the most fantastic salads for himself after school - I was amazed at the combinations he put together that were so good. Boy, did I have hopes he would follow that direction, but alas - twas not to be.
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When my nephew in BC started school, his Mom used to make his lunch. He got tired of taking sandwhiches every day, so started to make his own lunches. They bought him some thermoses, and he would raid the fridge every morning, and fill the thermos with leftovers. His sister, OTOH, took the sandwhiches every day.

When I lived in Winnipeg, I lived on the main floor of the house, my sister and nephew had the top two floors. We ate all our meals together. I fried some steaks one night for supper. When I put my nephews plate down, he asked "didn't you make a pan sauce for the steak?" When I said I hadn't, he took his plate to the kitchen, and we could hear him puttering around. He came back with sauce on his steak. He had deglazed the pan with some wine, added cracked pepper, somw dijon, and a bit of cream. He sat down and said "see, that wasn't hard". One half of me wanted to smack the kid, he couldn't have been more than 12.

A few summers ago, one of my brothers and his family came for supper. My great niece would have been about 1 year old. When it came time to eat, my niece got the baby's food ready. Rotini with homemade pesto sauce and grated parm reg. The kid gobbled it up. "cool"
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Everyone of those kids will probably grow up to join us here on C@H!!
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I love the one about the 12 year old, Lorraine! That's funny!

When my kids were little, a new neighbor moved in with 2 small kids of similar age of my 2 youngest. Since she didn't want to go back to teaching until her kids got older, we made a deal. I'd pay her to watch my kids. She was the first person to get me interested in playing in the kitchen. The meals we whipped up! Lunch at her house was always fresh and yummy! My two youngest learned to love "good" food and refused to go back to packaged stuff.

Today, my DD makes her own meals, shops sales, and calls when she has a major success or when she's in the grocery store and needs an idea. She still won't use prepackaged stuff. I am so proud of her. The youngest, still at home, expects a meal made with fresh ingredients every night, as well. Now if I could just get him out of the house making his OWN meals, I'd be a VERY happy Mommy!
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My little Kambree sits in her "jumper" activity toy thingy and watches me cook and tries EVERYTHING at least on the tongue...she LOVES garlic cloves!

She likes olive oil and is a big fan of many sauces I have made for her. She is finally big enough for me to hold and explain stuff to as I cook as well. Nothing quite like a 15 month old in one hand as you toss the goods of a saute pan with the other!
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