Revisting AeroGardens
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Well it's been a year since some of you got the for Christmas gifts etc.

Do you still use them? Have you learned any tricks? Are you able to grow enough herbs at home so you don't have to buy them at the store?

I saw one at Costco today, it comes with the basic unit plus an additional seed kit and bulb.

I had originally thought about doing a garden outside, but seeing what the Santa Ana winds just did to my plants I don't see the herbs surviving that.
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We bought ours I think when they first came out, Denise - We have tried several of the different combinations of seed kits - the dill has never done well or the chives but every other one that we have used has done well - our outside herb garden does not completely go away in the winter here so we use in the "deep" winter (winter doesn't last a long time here or get that cold) - I really like it - especially for the basil - but I certainly wish you could pick your own seed kit combinations - I have tried just doing seeds (for cilantro) since that only comes in one kit (that I can find) but did not have any success - all in all we like it -
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Denise, We LOVE ours. We got the Master Gardener kit and do plant our choice of herbs. Right now I just planted one whole AeroGarden of Cilantro and the other is International Basil. These really do provide me with all the herbs I need. They seem to grow back within a day or two of harvest. I did try some other herb combos of tarragon and epozate etc. but I found that I needed cilantro or basil almost everyday. Hence, the two gardens one of each kind. Anyway, we are happy with ours.
I've been thinking of adding another for baby salad greens.
Sonja, for cilantro I read that you should roll the seed lightly with a rolling pin as they have a very hard shell. After I did this the cilantro sprouted fine and did great.
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thanks for that input, Cis, especially on the cilantro - that is the hardest for me to grow outside and inside - and reading the comments on the kit that includes cilantro, it seems that others have a problem with growing it - I am going to order that one (or back order it - the Master one) right away - again, thanks a bunch!!
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Lucky Cis, she has the cutest dog ever AND can grow cilantro! You still owe me pics of Lola eating her cookies!
Sonja, I do not have the aerogarden, but I have tried to grow cilantro everywhere we have ever lived. I buy it as a small plant since I do not have patience for seeds. I can never get it to grow. I have several friends with the same problem. I have no trouble with other herbs. Maybe we need to steal Lola from Cis, that might be the secret!

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They one they are offering is the Aerogarden Elite. The only 3 herbs I can see growing are Thyme, Cilantro and Basil.

I also think it'd something beautiful to have out, seeing all those herbs growing. How much of a crop do you get off of one pod? Do you have to replant often?
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I have heard things from people about the 'lack of flavor' the plants produce. This alone has prevented me from getting one of these beauties.

Can any of you attest to the flavor or lack of flavor in the herbs produced?
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Denise, the basic pods grow for about 3 months and they give you nutrients for about that long. If they are doing really well at the end of that time, you can do one of two things. You can get extended nutrient tabs, that makes them last another 3 months but you need to prune alot as they can get leggy. OR, you can take them out of the AeroGrow, carefully, and put them right into a good sized flower pot. If you have a nice sunny spot they do pretty good like that for a few months. Herbs are, after all, annuals and sooner or later they give up the ghost. But your potted ones will keep you in herbs while you start another batch in the AeroGrow.
Laura, I have no complaints about the flavor of the herbs. They seem the same to me as any other herbs. The lemon basil had a wonderful aroma and flavor. The other basils in the International Basil kit seemed fine to me. The flavors were bright and fresh I thought.
As far as how much you get, it probbly depends on how you use them. Like I said, I use alot of basil and cilantro so I just grew 7 pods of each in two separate AeroGrow thingys.
Tab, please don't steal LoLa!!! She doesn't even like cilantro, it makes her sneeze.
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Okay, you guys are making me want one of these, really badly. I think it just went up to the top of my Mom's Xmas list. I have ALWAYS wanted to grow them indoors in the winter. The packs at the store are ridiculously expensive for the amount you get. The parsley and cilantro comes in large bunches pretty cheap, but everything else is crazy! And I use a LOT of basil and thyme. (My rosemary winters over.) I also anticipate using a lot of sage this year as well. Anybody grow the sage?
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I have grown sage, Daphne, but it didn't do all that well and I don't really know why.

Cis, what is involved in cleaning the AeroGarden? I used a tabletop hydroponic garden during the winter last year, but it was such a pain in the neck to clean that I lost interest in the whole thing.


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